Street art | Hong Kong

– Hong Kong –

I arrived in the city of Hong Kong this Friday. I’ve read about almost everything that you can do and see on Hong Kong island and in Kowloon, there are just so many activities, famous tourist attractions, hidden places, and a lot of gorgeous street art. I had beforehand googled around to find the best places with the most picture-worthy street art! But as normal some of these are kind of hard to find and the addresses I found on google weren’t that specific.

I tried hard to find the famous “What lifts you Wings” by Kelsey Montague but unfortunately, we couldn’t find it anywhere in Mid-levels (where it should be) and some locals said that it may have been painted over. I’m going back to Hong Kong in a few weeks so if you know that the wings are somewhere else? please comment!!

But I saw other cool street art that makes the blocks of Hong Kong more colorful and charming! I’ve always been interested in art and I’m actually really into painting myself. So this was so much fun.

Here’s some of my favorite pieces, enjoy!

The noodle woman and her bunny pet lol

And for you who want to know where these all are, you can find them in Mid-levels around Caine Road and the escalator!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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