A symphony of lights review | Hongkong

– Kowloon, Hongkong-

Every night there is this light show at Kowloon just near the ferry that goes over to Hongkong island.

We took the subway to Kowloon to watch the famous light show which is also called “a symphony of lights”.

Good Things

  • Impressive skyline that is beautiful to watch!
  • Great place for photos!
  • The subway station is very close.
  • cool red boats that look like dragons?

Less Good Things

  • So here’s the thing, I absolutely think the skyline is really cool and I love all the colorful lights but the so called light show wasn’t really what I imagined to see. I don’t wanna sound negative but the whole thing wasn’t that special. It’s like a little bit of laser there and there and they also show some quotes and Christmas trees on big screens, and yeah that’s kinda what’s happening.
  • You can’t really hear the music that clear.

Okay soo… would I recommend it?

Yes, I actually would. Despite the 50/50 good show, it’s still a experience to see the Hongkong skyline at night!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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