My week at Siquijor | The Philippines

– The Philippines –

Right now I’m in Larena, Siquijor. On the pier, waiting for the ferry that is going to Dumagete. From there we will take another ferry further to Cebu island.

We have spent almost a week here at Siquijor and I love this island. When this post is coming up I think I’ll already be on my way back to Hongkong. I’ve had so bad internet all this time so that’s why my posts about my visit in the Philippines will be a little throwback to some weeks back. Hope that’s ok?

I loved this island, it had everything I could ever ask for. Wonderful beaches, a beautiful underwater world, lots of waterfalls, nice people and great food.

Lagaan and The Zodiac falls

Such a fun place!!! Lagaan Falls is kind of a short waterfall but is one of the few where you can do lots of stuff around it. The boys who work as “guides” at the waterfall will show you all the fun stuff you can do. As trying the swing and jump down in the water, slide down from the waterfall and go inside the waterfall. It’s so much fun! Would love to go back there even tho every guy tried to flirt with me cause they thought that I was older.

I’m kinda tall, around 170 cm. And as you may know almost every Filipino is short. And because of that they think that I’m much older than I actually am. We were at another waterfall called the Zodiac Falls (beautiful but not a place for bathing) and our guide asked me how old I am and I told him that I’m fourteen.

Then later, when we had seen all of the zodiac falls and came back to the little “parking lot” he asked his friends how old they thought I was. I understood what they said because in some places the Filipinos speak Spanish and I’m currently studying Spanish in school. These boys guessed 20 years old, 17, 19 and someone actually guessed 34!!!! What the heck! That’s literally rude. And when our guide told his friends that I’m catorce (14) everyone was like “waaaaaaa??” HAHAHAHAH.


We hired kayaks at the resort and paddled out to see the sunset. The whole sky turned into millions of different shades of pink! And from the kayak you could see the most beautiful big coral reef in the most crystal clear water I’ve ever seen! Lucky me, I made it back in time to take this pictures before the sunset was gone.

Fish Spa

This thing was so cool! Under this 300 year old tree there is a fish spa!! And it wasn’t small fishes hah! Some of them were huge and if you’ve ever been at a regular fish spa you know how much it tickles when really small fishes “eats” on your feet. Then you can you imagine how weird it feels when a huge fish is “eating” on you! I loved the whole thing!!

Guys! If you’re planning to go to Siquijor, please do not doubt 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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