Favorite tv shows | spoiler warning

I like all kind of tv shows, but this is my all time favorites. If you haven’t watched one or more of these, please do that and come back and comment “Tuva you got such a great taste, thanks for the tips” lol.

Before reading: SPOILER WARNING

Stranger Things

Just looooove Stranger Things! Like everyone else, right? I like when a show is based on “fantasy” but still feels kinda realistic and not like a fairytale. One thing that makes stranger things even more great is that it takes place in the early 80s! Can’t wait for season 3!!!!!!!

Best scene/quote

My heart just melted in the last episode when it was time for the snow ball and Dustin had this bad confidence and Steve was there to boost him up! Steve’s character try’s to fix things nicely and pretend to be cool about it when he’s actually the soft, confident booster daddy Steve. I love how he told Dustin his secret to get “great hair” <333

As you may understand Steve Harrington is my favorite character in Stranger Things and I look forward to see what more happens to him and all the other characters in the season 3. Don’t you?

Gossip Girl

6 seasons of wondering “who is Gossip girl”, “who is she, or is it a he?”, “could it be one of the main characters?” and much more questions spinning around in my little head. I love gossip girl and I like everything that happens. I have rewatched this tv show like a hundred times because (for me) it’s a classic.

My favorite character in Gossip girl must be… hmm.., BLAIR WALDORF (the queen) for sure! I both love her and hate her. I absolutely love her sassiness but I absolutely hate her “spoiled, rich, one child attitude” that can be just too much in some episodes. But otherwise, I like her because I kind of recognize my self in her sometimes, being a girl with big dreams and walking the streets like I own the world. This tv show shows so much girl power!

Best scene/quote

Who doesn’t love Chuck Bass?

Gilmore Girls <33

The best tv show to exist! You can relate to nearly everything Lorelai Gilmore says. Her love for food and her extreme coffee addiction. Even though it is so many seasons and that I sometimes get bored it’s fun that you can follow Rory’s teenage years. I also like this show because me and my mom have a similar mother daughter relationship as Lorelai and Rory which makes it even more fun to watch!

Best scene/quote

It’s hard to only choose one scene, there I way too many good ones!

– What do you think about these tv shows? And which ones are your favorites?

– If you got some good tv shows too recommend, please leave a comment!

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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