3 things I look forward to in 2018

2. Ed Sheeran concert (!!!!)

Last spring me and my besties tried to get tickets to a concert Ed had in Stockholm last summer on his divide tour. But unfortunately we didn’t get any (you have to be really quick) and we literally cried for around two weeks :'(( But later on the summer break he announced a new tour for 2018 and dropped new dates and places. You guys don’t know how freaking happy we got! We got another chance!! And this time we managed to get tickets. Unreal!!!!

1. Ziggy Marley in Stockholm

Nearly my whole family is Marley fans and as long as I remember I’ve loved listening to reggae music. In Sweden we have two big fun fairs that is called “Gröna Lund” and “Liseberg”. And at Gröna Lund they got a stage and sometimes they invite artists to come and have a concert. For a couple weeks ago they announced that Ziggy Marley is coming to Sweden this summer so me and my aunt decided that we of course should have a whole day at the fun fair and listen to Ziggy Marley :)))


3. EF language course at Malta.

This summer me and my best friend have booked a two week long language course to Sliema, Malta. We’re going to live with a host family and it’s just gonna be such a incredible experience!!! So looking forward to it!

– What do you look forward to? Leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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