Get to know me

Hey! I was thinking that it should be a good idea to tell you guys about me for once. I haven’t blogged for that long and not many of the posts I’ve posted are that personal. And not that I don’t like my way of blogging as it is! I’m just gonna try writing a bit about my self and see how it goes.

My thought was that I should write 20 facts about myself, like a challenge. So here goes.

  1. My full name is Tuva Willhelmina Zetterdahl.
  2. I’m 14 years old.
  3. I’m training and competing in karate. And this summer I’ve been training for 5 years woho!
  4. My favorite movies are the divergent series! I love action movies!!!
  5. I’ve always wanted to be a actress.
  6. When I was little I wanted to be a bus driver or someone who takes care of dolphins at a zoo.
  7. I love traveling and I’ve been in every continent! Which I think is kinda cool <333
  8. My aunties are my biggest inspirations (I only say this because I know they’ll be reading).
  9. I hate cold weather and love the sun, there’s nothing better than sunny days!
  10. If I’ve forgotten. I live in Sweden. (Not Switzerland).
  11. I’m so bad at singing my music teacher gave me an E lol. But ya know I can’t help it. If you’re bad at it you’re bad at it.
  12. My dream destination have always been Bora Bora!!
  13. Right know the time is 00.40 when I write this. It’s late I know.
  14. All my friends always talks about how irritating their siblings are. I have a brother and of course he’s irritating sometimes but he’s also like my best friend! We got a great relationship and there’s 6 years apart!!
  15. My ancestors are from America, Estonia and Russia, what a great mix..
  16. I love hanging out with my family, we’re all so close and open to talk about literally anything.
  17. I love to paint and sometimes I sell paintings :)))
  18. My favorite food is sushi or glazed ribs ohhhhh that wouldn’t be bad right know.
  19. When I’m older I want to move to South Africa!
  20. Last one! Gotta be a good one.. huuum… Before I started blogging I thought it was boring and something I wouldn’t have time to do. But now I know I was all wrong.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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Adventurous 14 year old girl from Sweden who live life and share it on a website

21 thoughts on “Get to know me

  1. Aww it’s really great to learn more about you! It’s really cool that you live in Sweden! I used to live in Denmark but we moved a few years ago and now I’m finishing school in Switzerland ! xxx

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      1. Yes Switzerland is really beautiful! I really like that you can literally only drive for half an hour and you’re already in the Alpes!
        I went to Sweden once, it’s so amazing as well! xx

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  2. Ooh, we haven’t gone to Sweden! I hope that we do though, we are trying to visit (almost) everywhere. That’s a pretty hard goal though. My family is very open and close as well! Thanks for checking out my blog!! You have a new follower!

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