Photo diary | Winter

– Sweden, winter 2018 –

This is how it looks at my home right now, full with snow, and sparky flakes. Cold, but still beautiful. It’s kinda cold this week, the temperature lies around 6-14 degrees below zero (Celcius).

Right now when I look out from my window, it is snowing.

I live by two lakes, a big one and a smaller one. And therefore we have our own dock like everyone else living around the lake. In winter we usually do this “ice-hole” (on the picture) to cool down in when we’re taking a sauna. It’s really refreshing and of course really cold. I encourage everyone who haven’t done this to try it. At least once. But be careful not to do it while feeling slightly sick, for me it worsened and I got a flue :(((

As you may know (if you’ve read my Winter Wonderland post) I’m not a big fan of winter. I’m a lot more comfortable in warmer temperatures and I like it more when you don’t have to dress in 5 layers for just going out. I can’t say that I don’t winter at all because who doesn’t get exited for the first snow? Who doesn’t like being outside playing? ice skating with friends on a sunny winter day? I would never complain on a perfect winter day, but after all I will always like summer more.

Some pictures from when I was walking home from school last week. Something I really like about winter is that some days the sunsets gets so pretty! It becomes a big contrast compared to the white snow. This picture is from my lake and it’s not edited at all! Isn’t it so pretty?!ICE SKATING <33I have been posting a lot this week compared to the fact that I usually post once a week. But I’m sick and in Sweden we don’t have school this week so I’m kinda restless and that’s why I’m posting more than I usually do.

– Which one do you like the most? Winter or summer? And why?

19 thoughts on “Photo diary | Winter

  1. Adorable! 💖 My favourite season is summer because of holidays, lots of free time and the sunshine! 🌴 But winter is also great because of snow and lovely white views! ❄ Hope you’ll post more your beautiful photographs 😊💕

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  2. Gorgeous photos! They remind me a lot of where I live actually – Iowa. Though right now, the snow is mostly melted. We had an ice storm recently though which I have some pictures of in my last blog post.
    I think both winter and summer have amazing qualities, and I don’t think I could choose which is my favorite. I might say spring because of the fresh air and all of the colors of life reappearing.

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  3. Your photography is so beautiful! I live in the Southeastern United States so we don’t get very much snow. But when I used to live in Iowa, where winters are really cold, I couldn’t wait to move to someplace warmer. I love every season, though. They all have their own special beauty. Thanks so much for sharing your world with us!

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    1. Thank you so much! This really made me so happy! Yeah it is the same for me, I love Sweden and all the seasons but sometimes the winter can be a little bit too cold and intense. I totally agree on that, they’re all beautiful!


    1. Yeah same for me, my country is cold the most of the time on the year, and that’s why me and my family travel away on the winter months. It sure is beautiful but I will always prefer a warmer weather! Xx


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