Photo diary | Winter

– Sweden, winter 2018 –

This is how it looks at my home right now, full with snow, and sparky flakes. Cold, but still beautiful. It’s kinda cold this week, the temperature lies around 6-14 degrees below zero (Celcius).

Right now when I look out from my window, it is snowing.

I live by two lakes, a big one and a smaller one. And therefore we have our own dock like everyone else living around the lake. In winter we usually do this “ice-hole” (on the picture) to cool down in when we’re taking a sauna. It’s really refreshing and of course really cold. I encourage everyone who haven’t done this to try it. At least once. But be careful not to do it while feeling slightly sick, for me it worsened and I got a flue :(((

As you may know (if you’ve read my Winter Wonderland post) I’m not a big fan of winter. I’m a lot more comfortable in warmer temperatures and I like it more when you don’t have to dress in 5 layers for just going out. I can’t say that I don’t winter at all because who doesn’t get exited for the first snow? Who doesn’t like being outside playing? ice skating with friends on a sunny winter day? I would never complain on a perfect winter day, but after all I will always like summer more.

Some pictures from when I was walking home from school last week. Something I really like about winter is that some days the sunsets gets so pretty! It becomes a big contrast compared to the white snow. This picture is from my lake and it’s not edited at all! Isn’t it so pretty?!ICE SKATING <33I have been posting a lot this week compared to the fact that I usually post once a week. But I’m sick and in Sweden we don’t have school this week so I’m kinda restless and that’s why I’m posting more than I usually do.

– Which one do you like the most? Winter or summer? And why?

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17 thoughts on “Photo diary | Winter

  1. Adorable! 💖 My favourite season is summer because of holidays, lots of free time and the sunshine! 🌴 But winter is also great because of snow and lovely white views! ❄ Hope you’ll post more your beautiful photographs 😊💕

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  2. Gorgeous photos! They remind me a lot of where I live actually – Iowa. Though right now, the snow is mostly melted. We had an ice storm recently though which I have some pictures of in my last blog post.
    I think both winter and summer have amazing qualities, and I don’t think I could choose which is my favorite. I might say spring because of the fresh air and all of the colors of life reappearing.

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  3. Your photography is so beautiful! I live in the Southeastern United States so we don’t get very much snow. But when I used to live in Iowa, where winters are really cold, I couldn’t wait to move to someplace warmer. I love every season, though. They all have their own special beauty. Thanks so much for sharing your world with us!

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    1. Thank you so much! This really made me so happy! Yeah it is the same for me, I love Sweden and all the seasons but sometimes the winter can be a little bit too cold and intense. I totally agree on that, they’re all beautiful!


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