Marschall party on the ice

First of all I just want to welcome all of my new followers! So fun that you all found my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts. As I’ve told in a earlier post, I live by a few lakes. And right now it is really cold here in Sweden.

So we got thick ice on the lakes which means your able to ice skate! I love to ice skate and play hockey with friends, it is so fun. The best thing about winter is that we always have two ice parties! One where my family invites friends and cousins to come and ice skate, eat great food and take a sauna! We always have a really nice time!

The second party is arranged by all of the neighbors around our little lake. And that one was yesterday! Someone plows a path around the lake and we all helps out to set out lots of marschalls to lighten up the path. One neighbor buys around 100 hotdogs and makes some kind of hotdog stand on his dock. When it gets dark people come out and eat hotdogs, talk to other people and ice skate. And nearly every neighbor with their own dock makes a little stand with something to offer. Most of them takes out whiskey and other kinds of liquor. We had hot cocoa with cream for us kids and also some liquor.

It’s nice, because you have time to speak with people that you normally just wave hi to while passing by. And it’s also quite beautiful because of all these Marschalls lighting up and you could also see the stars.

Next year I hope there will be a bit more people. There was a lot more people last year than yesterday! And it’s always more fun with more people!

Thank you for reading! Until next time!

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