A saturday in my world

This weekend my cousin, my aunt and her husband is staying at our place and today we’ve just had a really cozy Saturday! We ate a great breakfast and after that we took a long walk on the lake. It isn’t that chilly outside anymore, so you don’t have to wear multiple layers of clothes to not freeze to death.

We made some hotdogs for lunch and then we decided to go to this old beautiful house were the owners have different markets a couple times a year. Last time we visited it was around the holidays and we bought a lot of stuff at the Christmas market.

This place is so beautiful and so good for taking great photos!! It’s called “Stens Hus” which means Sten’s House, “Sten” is a Swedish name and also the word for a stone. But in this case it’s meant to be the name. Haha, congrats! You’ve learned a Swedish word! Today they had some kind of Easter market but it wasn’t that much of that theme. I was a bit disappointed of the few stands they had this year (it was a lot more last year) and I didn’t find anything to buy so I just hanged out at the Café. Btw that chocolate cake was so incredibly good!!! I’m sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve had a lot going on lately and just haven’t felt that I had any inspiration until now. Hope you’ll have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “A saturday in my world

  1. That place is so cute! I definitely am going to have to go to Sweden now because the area looks so nice and so does the snow! (I live in a place where it doesn’t snow ever)

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