finally some spring vibes

It’s finally great weather here!! And I’m sooo happy. For just like a week ago we still had some spots of snow and there was no way you would even consider going to school in shorts and t-shirt.Even though spring came so late this year (compared to other years) it still blows my mind how fast this winter past by..? Or is it just me? Anyway the end of this week has been so hot, we’ve had like max 28 degrees celsius. Which is so nice! I just don’t understand those people who complain about the cold weather, which is something I always do cuz I’m not a big fan of the winter. And as me they wish for better weather, but as soon as we get this great spring degrees, nearly everyone is like “let’s stay inside, it’s way too hot”. Like what do you guys mean??!??! It’s perfect outside. This is what we all have been looking forward to.


A normal school day in my life. We finish school quite early on Thursdays so me and some friends took the bus in to our closest shopping mall after school. I didn’t buy anything though (nearly) since I need to save all my money to my trip to Malta. Which is soon and I’m so excited!


I don’t remember last I was so incredibly happy that it was Friday. This week has been quite rough. We’ve had a lot of tests and exams. So when I came home I sat in the sun listening to  two episodes of my favorite podcast and trying to tan a bit. I don’t think it gave any big results but anyway, it was still nice.

also my cat is friday mood


Today was a lowkey day. Just a relaxing, really chill day, spending half of it in bed. Around lunch me, my brother and my dad biked down to one of our local pizza shops, that also sell ice cream. I got a polka, mint and chocolate cone; my dad a polka and my little brother got a daim cone. You know this old cheesy quote about ice cream? “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing” . Later some of our family friends came over to barbecue and I had a great night. Now I’m just sitting here in my bed again, this time writing this post and eating some strawberries.

Overall some great days

XO Tuva

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