Have Sweden gone tropical?

The past week has been so extremely soft and hot. We’ve had around 20-25 degrees the whole week and a long weekend on four days because in Sweden we “celebrate” the day when Jesus kind of left earth and.. died? I’m not that’s religious so I’m sorry if I’m all wrong. Anyway that was not really what I wanted to talk about. Here’s my last week and everything that happened.

Hiky hike

We were out on a little hike in the forest around our neighborhood. We had some picnic with us and I tried to take som cute photos of my little cousin Arvid and I think he understood how to do the peace sign? Maybe not. I love to hang out with my cousins, they’re the cutest! <33 As you can see on the third photo a lot of cherry blossom trees are blooming right now and they’re so gorgeous. I would love to go to Japan in spring sometime, because that’s when all of their pink cherry blossom trees bloom. Like in that scene from Mulan, you know? Imagine seeing that for real, like woaw. Definetly on my bucketlist.

Raspberry and licorice ice cream

We hanged out with our friends that just moved to an apartment in the middle of the city. So it was fun to visit them for the first time. We ate lunch at their place and took a promanade around their neighborhood. It was great because I got raspberry and licorice ice cream! YUM

Hot day

Some of my best friends came over, we walked to a place not far from my house and ate lunch, bathed and just had such a great time. Soooo much summer vibes. And I have to mention that it was hot!! Sweden? Have you gone tropical? I’m so extremly excited for this upcoming summer, I have so many ideas and so much I want to do. I hope I can manage to do at least half of it haha.045e974f-c9d6-4d78-af58-60a179838ac8

Xo, Tuva

4 thoughts on “Have Sweden gone tropical?

  1. Sounds like yu had a lovely couple of days! I love spending time with my cousins but the​y live in another country, but it makes every time I get to see them more special. I would love to go and see the cherry blossom trees in Japan, they look so beautiful and I love spring! xx

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