Travel guide: Hong Kong

So if you have followed me since Christmas you maybe know that I was traveling around in Asia around the holidays and that one of the two countries I visited was China, or Hong Kong. They have their own flag and everything but they’re still a part of China even though I think (correct me if I’m wrong) want to be a own country.We were in Hong Kong for three nights before we took of to The Philippines and after on our way home we spent three more days in Hong Kong. So we spent nearly a week there!

I loved the city so incredibly much and I’m so longing to come back. The culture is so special and so unique. It is really a mix of Chinese and cosmopolitan cultures, which makes it so cool. Nowhere is like Hong Kong and it is so extremely hard to describe how this city is in real life. But if you have opened your eyes for Hong Kong and maybe think of planning a trip, I will make it a bit easier for you then it was for me.

Instead of searching around for great places and reviews I’ll tell you what I think from my own experience. Doesn’t that sound good? Okey, without further ado here’s my Hong Kong travel guide for you who is thinking of visiting Hong Kong and doesn’t know where to start or where to go!

Travel diary: Hong Kong

I traveled to Hong Kong on 16th of December, just a few days before the Christmas holiday start in sweden. The first three days we stayed at a hotel in a area named Wanchai, it was quite cool because the hotel was located just on the other side of the road of The Happy Valley Horse Racecourse. But the hotel wasn’t the best, the rooms where way to cold and there were no chance to figure out how to turn of the air conditioner, since we didn’t know how to read Chinese letters haha.

The other hotel we stayed at was from the same hotel brand but was a lot better. They had more comfortable beds, more inviting environment and the food at that hotel was way better than at the other one!

Must do in HK:

There are sooooo much to see and experience in Hong Kong that I will just write the places I visited and that I enjoyed the most.

  • Hike up or take the peak tram up to Victoria peak. The famous mountain have a building called the peak tower. The tower is mostly famous for its rooftop where you can see the whole view over Hong Kong.
  • Take the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars over to Lantau island where you have to visit the enormous Big Buddha, all the temples and to shop in all these gorgeous Chinese shops. Love it!!
  • Visit Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical gardens, very beautiful environment.
  • Take the subway over to Kowloon to stop at Victoria Harbour to see the light show of on the Hong Kong island skyline.
  • Walk around in SoHo, explore different markets, antique shops and talk to the locals, take pictures in front of amazing street art and eat at the most adorable and cozy cafes and bars.
  • While being in the SoHo area you should definitely visit the Man Mo Temple which is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong. Buy and lit some incense while being in the temple.
  • Shopping at Hong Kong’s own Times Square. Gucci? Adidas? Calvin Klein? You’ll find anything here.
  • Spend a whole day at Disney Land Hong Kong


  • Buy a Octopus card and use it to go on subway and the most adorable and old fashioned trams.
  • Taxis are very expensive.
  • The Octopus card is also really smart because nearly wherever you are, you can use it instead of your bank card. You just blip and pay.

Where to eat in Hong Kong:

Since we only spend six days in Hong Kong there probably is a thousand more great restaurants and cafes, but these are the ones I visited and hand on heart, I was never disappointed.

  • Smoothies or tea at the really cute and fresh Café Grassroots pantry.
  • A dinner or lunch at some of the many street kitchens.
  • There are hundreds of small own established places with only these absolutely delicious Chinese food, for example noodle soup, ramen, dumplings and dim sum.
  • Dinner at The Peak Café in SoHo, on the side of the long elevator.

Our magical trip to Hong Kong was so special. Hong Kong is unrealistic, a riot of noise, beautiful, fascinating and incredible.

Even though it feels like I did a lot of stuff, I still know that Hong Kong has so much more to offer, and I don’t want to miss out on anything.

Happy travels! Xo, Tuva

18 thoughts on “Travel guide: Hong Kong

  1. Wow there’s so much to do there! I’m glad to see that there’s English on some of the signs because I would be entirely lost trying to navigate without knowing the language.
    Your photos of the city are so pretty!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The Tian Tan Buddha of Ngong Ping 360 looks so epic up close! Let’s also not forget that fancy disneyland themed train when you go to disneyland 😁 your post brought back a lot of good memories of Hong Kong. Thanks for this. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know Big Buddha is so cool, even though it was really foggy when we were there, it was still such a great experience! If you want to check it out I have another post all about Disneyland and about the Disney train😉❤️
      I’m actually missing Hong Kong a lot! feels like there’s so much to do there and as you say you get a lot of great memories in HK 🙂 thank YOU for reading! I appreciate it!


      1. I’ll surely check your post out! I’m an avid reader when it comes to travel posts so stumbling upon your blog is a huge treasure. 😁 Glad to meet another soul who loves to travel. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Oh, that’s so nice hope you had a great time! Yeah I know, it was one of the hottest summers in a long time. The best way is to spend the summer in the archipelago, close to the water at all times!! Hahah 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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