Stuff I’m totally going to do this summer

Summer 2018. Today I graduated 8th grade and I feel this summer’s gonna be one of the best ones. I got so much expectations and ideas of stuff I really want to do. Even though I know I’m not going to accomplish all of them. I always have so much ideas before summer and then there’s always those few weeks that I basically don’t do anything hah.Anyway, it was actually you guys that voted for this blogpost! So let’s jump right into it!!

But before starting I just need to clarify that every photo in this post will be goals pictures I’ve found on Pinterest. If you would like to you can follow me there, I’m tuvazetterdahl. And I promise you I’m super active cuz I’m in looove with Pinterest.

1. Travel abroad with a friend

Okey so this one won’t be hard to accomplish, it was already booked last summer! If you didn’t already know, next Thursday me and my friend is going to travel to Malta with EF on a two week long language course. We’re going to live in a host family and have sooooo much fun! I’m so extremely excited for this and I promise you I will share a lot of stuff from Malta <333

2. Camping with my squad

What could be more cozy and fun than a girls night/sleepover in a tent? Grilling marshmallows and talking all night long.

3. Go to numerous concerts and dance and sing like crazy

This is also a one that won’t be hard to achieve. I already know at least 3 concerts that I’m going to this summer. Me and my friends are going to see Ed Sheeran in Stockholm July 14th, my aunt and I are going to this fun fair to watch Ziggy Marley and sing along to our everyday jams. And of course there’s this “mini concert” that takes place in August. It’s basically called the August party where they build up a small fun fair and have a concert with some Swedish artists.

4. Work on my instagram feed/theme

I love taking photos and I can sit for hours finding great filters and editing my pictures until I have the perfect theme. I’m not really that much of a perfectionist because I don’t want it to look over filtered but I still want a picture to look good besides the other ones I’ve uploaded. This summer I’m planning to post more spontaneous and gorgeous pictures on my account. My instagram is tuvazetterdahl, I’m private but if you ask I’ll may accept you ;))

5. Go hiking

Would love to just hike with some great people, sleep under the stars (or maybe in a tent – to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes) and explore beautiful places. Could be so fun, have you ever gone hiking? If so, where? And for how long? Leave a comment! I wanna know!

6. Finish redecorate my room

So my room has been the project for SO LONG. It’s actually not that much left to do but I so want it to be done by the end of summer.

Okey so that must have been basically all I could come up with right now. Even though I know I will be doing so much more fun stuff. Oh wait! I got one more thing. I’ve planned to upload so many exciting blog posts this summer since it’s my first summer as a blogger!

Would love to hear from you what you are looking forward to/ want to do this summer. So leave me a comment!

Xx Tuva

16 thoughts on “Stuff I’m totally going to do this summer

  1. Sounds like a summer full of fun plans!! I’m so excited to hear more about you on Malta. I’ve always wanted to go hiking and attend more concerts! Great plan for summer :)x Hope you have a blast x

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  2. Good luck with all of these. The list is perfect, I really like every activity. Camping is super fun, I did it once with large group of people and it was awesome. It’s definitely a must to experience. xx

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  3. I’m in university through summer, but I have a few fun things planned… my brothers and dad visited recently, I’m going to Luxembourg in a few weeks for a concert, my friend Alyssa is visiting in July, and I’m going to Norway with my grandma in August!

    Rachel ||

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  4. Well I haven’t had much hiking experience but I am going to Fiji in a month to do a 5-day hike which will be interesting.

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  5. Your summer plans sound awesome- I’m very jealous (especially of you going to see Ed Sheeran!) I think one of the main things that I want to do over summer is spend time with my friends, maybe not camping- probably day trips 🙂

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      1. No problem 🙂 I bet it will be SO amazing- you will have to do a blog post on it after! Thank you so much xx

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