My iced coffee recipe

Heeeeey, I’m back! Back in the building, back on track, back on the blog, the blogger is back. I’m so sorry for that but I just had to. You guys haven’t seen me in a while, but as I said – I’m back and right know I’m on my summer break which means lots of fun things are going to happen and lots of time to blog about them! This is my first ever blogsummer and I’m really looking forward to share it with you all.

For a while ago I started watching Emma chamberlain’s videos on YouTube and I fell in love with her and her channel immediately!! And if you follow Emma you probably know that she drinks A LOT of iced coffee (it’s kinda hard not to notice). Anyway I just thought the iced coffee looked so good and asked myself why the HECK I’ve never tried iced coffee?!? I’ve never liked black coffee but always loved coffee with milk (or more milk with coffee :P) and the taste of coffee in for example ice cream.

So simple as it was I started ordering ice coffee at cafes and restaurants and just fell in love with that too! And for a couple of days ago I started doing them on my own, at home. So after this long beautiful story I just told you, I’m going to give you my “top secret iced coffee recipe” ;))

S T E P 1:

First brew your coffee as you like to do it. I’m using Starbucks own house blend rich and lively medium ground coffee.

S T E P 2:

When it’s done brewing pour the hot coffee into mugs and put them in the freezer for about half an hour (until it’s cold).

Oh my lord this looks like an ad for Starbucks, I promise it’s not I’m just obsessed with Starbucks and my mom work with them hah. But if Starbucks see this (probably never in a million years) Please sponsor me…?

S T E P 3:

Most important step, go and get your beautiful jars! Necessary if you want your coffee to look insta – worthy! If you don’t have any and don’t have time to get yourself to a store, please use a transparent glass!! Otherwise you’ll miss the best moment when you pour the milk on the coffee!

Before pouring coffee and ice in your jars add some honey or syrup in the bottom and stir it with water, in that way it will easily blend out together with the coffee and the milk.

S T E P 4:

POUR THAT MILK!!! I love watching this.

S T E P 5:

And you’re done! Enjoy your sweet homemade ice coffee and drink it with someone you love. I shared mine with one of my favorite people, my grandma <33

Please let me know if you try my way of doing it and let me know what you prefer in the comments below – hot or iced coffee?

Xx Tuva

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