Ed Sheeran 14.07.18

Me and my three friends actually got tickets to Ed Sheerans concert here in Sweden. Of course we were so incredibly happy since we the year before had tried to get tickets to last year (his tour in 2017) and failed. When Ed Sheeran announced last summer that he was going on one more tour at 2018, we kind of went crazy hahah! But this time my dad was super fast and managed to get us tickets!! I LOVE you dad!

14th of July 2018

At four a clock in the afternoon my dad drove me and my three friends in two hours up to Stockholm. We ate at a only Swedish fast food burger restaurant called Max. Outside the arena they sold all kinds of Ed Sheeran merchandise and since we had talked about getting Ed Sheeran hoodies since last year it was now or never lol. And we actually bought them for 700 SEK each!!! (78$) I know I know, really expensive for a hoodie but you have to believe me – it is the best thing I’ve ever bought! At 6.30 pm Anne-Marie and Jamie Lawson started as opening acts. I had never heard about Jamie Lawson before but I really like Anne-Marie’s music. But I always find it so hard to enjoy opening acts!! I just want the mayor artist to come on stage! Anyway, I thought Anne-Marie was a lot better than Jamie. But as I said it is probably because I had never heard his music before.

It must have taken like three hours before Ed came out on the stage and then all just started so fast. In this picture it looks like our seats are far way from the stage but we really had a great view and i don’t know why but it looks so much more far away on camera. Ed Sheeran started with one of my favorite songs of his, Castle on the hill. He kept going with more of his songs, both old ones and new ones from his divide album. And between his performances he had small chit chats with us in the audience. He talked about how there were only around 200 people in the audience at his very first concert in Sweden. And how fantastic it was to stand in front of 40,000 people today. He also did the thing he do in every country, puts on the national shirt and waves on stage with the Swedish flag. But one really funny thing he did was singing a “shot song” that basically everyone sing on midsummer. It’s called Helan Går and must be the most famous shot song. Here’s some videos from the concert:

This was literally one of the best nights in my life, I shared it with some of my best friends and I finally got to see Ed Sheeran in real life after nearly one year of waiting!

Are you going to one of his concerts? Let me know in the comments!!

Xo, Tuva

8 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran 14.07.18

  1. Sounds like SO much fun!! I have tickets to see him in Nashville, TN this coming Saturday and I can’t wait. It amazes me how he is so well loved by everybody…. the young, the old, and the in-between!

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    1. Oh that’s so great!!! I hope you’ll have a amazing time!! I sure had and I know you won’t be disappointed!
      I know right?! I can’t say I have ever met someone that doesn’t like him. But I feel like it’s not that weird either, he really puts everything into his music! Have you seen his new released movie?? You should if you haven’t already, so incredible seeing how he created all these songs.

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