Family dinner and grandmas birthday

Hi everyone and welcome back! Right Now when I’m writing this I’m on a small island with only one house with no electricity for 4 days. You got curious what the heck I’m doing here? If so, keep your curiosity, I’m posting a blogpost about it soon! Yesterday was my grandmas 75th birthday, my cousins from Stockholm was visiting and nearly the whole family was gathered. We started celebrating her from the morning with breakfast by our lake to late night. We bathed and enjoyed the sun, ate breakfast and stayed until lunch. It was really nice to just hangout all of us at the same time and yesterday was so incredibly hot so it was great that we decided to start the morning by the water! Yesterday it actually got up to 37 degrees outside (!!!) and I live in sweden! Sweden as one of the north European countries, not freaking Thailand! We normally have around 25 degrees as most in summertime! The heatwave right know is crazy!! And not in a good way, it’s of course nice that it’s warm but it just haven’t rained in weeks which have caused such a drought. Right know we have around 60 wildfires going on in Sweden. And as we can’t stop them by ourselves we’ve got help from other European countries such as Italy and Poland. They say that if it won’t start raining soon it will take to winter to make it stop completely. And I just think everything about it is just so horrifying, how easy a fire can start.

Despite the bad things happening here right know, yesterday was a great day. For everyone and for my beautiful grandma. She had planned everything at the evening. She’d booked a table at this really nice mansion only 20 minutes away from where we live. The mansion is a big restaurant and a hotel and is really beautiful.

Before going inside we drank some alcoholic free drinks, took som family photos and just talked. Later we ate toast with shrimp as starters, chicken with potatoes as main and homemade ice cream with berries as dessert, which I also ordered a iced coffee to, you know me. But I absolutely love the fact that wherever you are, at a restaurant or cafe there’s always iced coffee!

After the dessert grandma open her presents, my aunt and one of my cousins did some speeches and grandma cried a bit <33 It was the perfect summer night with all of my favorite people!

This night was absolutely perfect and after dessert and everything we “kids” played football outside and of course (as it is such a photogenic place) took some more photos. Even though some people (my cousin in the first photo) would rather played football than taking photos haha.

Oh and a big cred to my cousin Alexandra for doing these bad ass braids on me! Didn’t they look so cool to my dress?

Hoped you liked this short little post as I’m trying to mix it up with both spontaneous/short and informative/long posts.


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