EF Malta: activities, friends and departure

Many of you really enjoyed reading the first part of this little “Malta series”. So here we go with another one with a bit more fun stuff involved, the activities.

We absolutely did a hella lot of activities and stuff at my time at Malta. We often had school to lunch and then we were directly off to the first activity. And then we also had one more activity later in the evening. So we always had something to do.

Shopping day in Malta’s capital Valletta

At one of the first days we visited Valletta to shop at their biggest shopping street and do some great sightseeing. We took a ferry from Sliema ferries over to Valletta. You can of course drive there or take a bus but taking the ferry is for sure a better view. I don’t think I bought anything that day (besides food, which is way better than clothes).

But when I look back at it, it wasn’t better than clothes at that time. This was one of the first days and I remember feeling slightly sick every time I ate something hot since it already was so hot outside. I don’t know why, I have been in way hotter countries and haven’t had any problem with eating hot food then. Anyway, It was beautiful and I really liked the “main shopping street” that I don’t remember the name of, sorry.


Okey so these photos are from one of four parties we went to, and this is from the Mega Party. And let’s be honest! This must have been the best night/activity in the whole trip! This mega party was literally mega fun hahah. It was a neon theme so we painted ourselves with neon face colors and wore white clothes so we would really light up.

We also went to a foam party (!!) it was absolutely insane! So cool when you’re dancing and it’s so much fun, the only negative thing is that you get soaking wet and have to sit in your cold wet clothes all the way home in the bus with freezing air conditioner haha but otherwise it really was such extremely cool experience. And we also went to two EF discos that were for everyone at EF (you didn’t have to pay extra for them) but there were always so crappy music at those discos so the girl squad we had built sat outside and we just talked. And that part was actually really nice!

Some beach vibes

The last photo is actually from the very first day! All through the whole trip we visited a few bathing places, golden bay, blue lagoon, Sliema beach, EF beach club (the best place) and some more places that I don’t know the names of. My favorite place was actually EF beach club! I found all beaches to be very touristic and very crowded. Don’t take me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just not used to crowded beaches where everyone is laying like 10 cm from each other.

The blue lagoon was really pretty but so much colder in the water than I expected! If you would visit the blue lagoon you absolutely have to swim over to the island or you’ll miss the most beautiful underwater world!!!! So extremely gorgeous! Don’t forget to bring snorkel!

This is from the goodbye dinner and a photo just before departure. It was kinda sad leaving all the people I’ve got to known. So many great, beautiful people and some really great memories.


2 thoughts on “EF Malta: activities, friends and departure

    1. Yes it really was such a fun trip! Hmm, I think my favorite part was getting to know new people not only from my home country but also from countries like France, Italy, Norway. Otherwise I really enjoyed the parties!! <33


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