Look book: Summer getaway

As I mentioned in one of my latest posts I have been at a small island in Sweden’s BIG archipelago. This island only includes one house with a boat and it’s kinda far away from a bigger city. It has no electricity, WiFi or water, besides in the sea of course. And me and my family have rented it and spent 3 days at this island every summer since I was born. So this island that we call the high island btw, does mean a lot to me and I have lots of great memories from there. But to be fair it’s not really that high…

It’s this place where we go to just relax and hangout to do nothing but play cards, reading books, watching sunsets and bathing. And sometimes I even fish, if I have the patience to. Maybe it’s just me but I really like fishing.. when I’m able to caught any fish. Like if I’m going to fish I want to get fishes on the hook all the time otherwise I just lose my patience and get really really bored.

Isn’t just so beautiful?! You know it may sound a bit boring but I really think it can be good for you to just have those days where you drop your phone and everything on social media. To just relax and spend all your time with those you love. Don’t you think? Like I’m a teenager so I definitely like my phone a lot and I really like Snapchat, instagram, Twitter you name it. I like it because it gives my the opportunity to share my life. To show people all this stuff I’ve done and to here on my blog (for an example) talk about things I really care about and tell you my opinions! The media is absolutely great! But sometimes it can also be good to stop for a minute and look up you know? Not only look on everything through a lens. Don’t only enjoy life together with your phone.

The guy we rent this house/cottage from always gives us a ride from the harbor to the island and back. So before driving home we stayed in the Mon harbor and ate lunch at the boat house. Their pizzas are amazing! I ate one with prosciutto and lettuce and it was so good. This was actually a very very nice place and would love to eat there next year again!

Thanks y’all for reading and hope you’re having a great weekend.


12 thoughts on “Look book: Summer getaway

  1. This is perfect, Tuva! Though I might be different from you when fishing. I have a huge amount of skill in doing nothing, so I guess I could stand the long hours of not getting any fish and waiting. HAHA. Nice post!

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    1. Yeah I really had a few fab days, now when it’s starts to get really cold in sweden I would love to just go back in time to these hot summer days! And yes I really think it’s important to spend some time without your phone ones in a while, there’s so much other fun stuff to do!💕

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