If we were having coffee I would tell you that..

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going great, today I wanted to try something new and decided to go for a “if we were having coffee” kind of post. And as I’ve noticed it seems to be very popular to do these around all kinds of bloggers. I normally don’t like doing the same as everyone else but I my self really enjoy reading these kinds of posts so therefore I wanted to try doing one of these!

Let’s jump right into it.

If we were having coffee I would tell you.. that we are right now looking for flight tickets to this Christmas holidays and the plan is to go back to South Africa which just makes me so incredibly happy!! We are going with my grandma and my cousins and I just have a feeling that this travel is going to be so extremely great! I’m longing to come back to Cape Town and visit new places I haven’t been to before, there’s always so much to do there and we just can’t get enough haha. And it has been around 3 years since we traveled with my moms family which is waaaay to long ago.

If we were having coffee I would tell you… that last week I had internship and I worked at The body shop for a whole week. I like their products a lot and love their makeup but working there wasn’t really what I had imagined. First of all I was a internship so I wasn’t allowed to be in the checkout which is the most ‘fun’ part of working there. I basically just cleaned the shelves and dusted the products, threw trash away and helped with the mail. Oh and also helped customers which was totally the most fun part! I really like talking with people so that part was definitely what I enjoyed the most. In the city I live in The body shop has a very small shop and that’s probably why there wasn’t that much to do. I don’t think working in a shop is something for me either, but I also think it depends on what shop it is. At the last day they gave me a big present with lots of body butters, scrubs, masks, make up and bath tea which was really nice of them!! It was also kinda great being in town all week! I ate at restaurants (mostly subway) and could go shopping in the mall. So after all it wasn’t such a bad week.

If we were having coffee I would also tell you… that I’m already sick of fall and I’m not looking forward to winter. I’m in love with the summer and it feel like my heart broke a bit when it started to get cold. There’s less things to do now, I can’t just go out and sit and read a book in the grass or take a swim over the lake or do fun stuff outside with my friends. It’s cold and I’m not digging it. Though I kind of like wearing sweaters and drinking a hot cup of tea inside. Gosh, I feel like a complaining old lady, for the most part I’m sad that summer’s over but I’m also loving the fall colors, Halloween and knowing that it’s not that much time left until I go out traveling again! I feel like having something to look forward to really keeps me going when it gets dark and cold outside.

And if we were having coffee I would also ask you.. if you have any plans for the holidays? If you’ve ever been a internship?if you like fall? And if you have something you look forward to?


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