Tbt Summer: Girls week

Hey guys, hope you’re having a great week this far? Today’s post is going to be kinda short, but I just wanted to share this to y’all, since I have a lot of beautiful photos from these few days, and even though it is from this summer I still want to share! And you guys voted for this post on my twitter!

Okey so let me explain, one of my best friends Embla, has a summer cottage in the Swedish east coast. Her family have this cute little cottage and they also have a motor boat and a sauna. We are 8 people in our friend squad or what you want to call it. And we’re all so close because we’re all in the same class in school. And every summer (started from last summer) Embla and her family have invited us to stay for some nights at their cottage. It’s always super fun! And we always have such a great time!! But this time we only were 6 of us. It’s so hard to plan things when you’re 8 people hanging out. Everyone have their own things to do you know? And it’s not easy to make it work for everyone the same dates.

Look closely in the last pic haha ;)) These summer nights was absolutely magical and I love spending time with my best friends like this. So many great memories and laughs. And also, this makes me miss summer so much! Playing music out loud, singing along and bathing in the sea for several hours straight. I feel like I mostly miss this so much because I always feel so good at summer, when I don’t have to think about school, can laugh loud with my friends and just goofy around like the kids we are hahah.

So what about you, do you have any summer memory that you like to look back at?


8 thoughts on “Tbt Summer: Girls week

  1. This looks like so much fun!! I agree it’s so hard having a big friend group when trying to organise stuff, I have one of 10 and it’s a miracle if we can all catch up without one person missing! This makes me miss summer so bad 😩 great post though!! 💖💖

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    1. I know right? It’s really hard but so worth it if you can manage to be plan something without anyone missing. And I guess it’s even harder for you if you’re 10 people!? Thank you Molly for reading!! Xx💗💗

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