My Favourite Things To Do At Halloween

This is Halloween, This is Halloween everybody make a scene!!! It’s finally spooky season and Halloween week! And I feel like I just can not post a blogpost about Halloween.. right?! It would be such a shame and that’s why this post is about some of my favourite things to do at this time of year.

Cozy up in front of a iconic Halloween movie

There are so many good scary movies out there that is just perfect to watch at Halloween, but of course not everyone likes watching something that make them get goosebumps and being afraid of going to sleep at night. Even though the ‘not so scary’ Halloween films out there are made for kids, who doesn’t like to throw it back?Some examples of great Halloween movies are Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Coraline, The nightmare before Christmas, The Haunted Mansion, The Adams Family, Matilda, Don’t look under the bed, twitches, Harry Potter and etc.

And I also have some tips of super great scary Netflix shows, if you’re down for some horror? My absolute favourite horror show on Netflix is Scream! Scream is a slasher series about the murders in the town of Lakewood and about the old secrets of the main character Emma Duval’s family and how she’s connected to the murderer. It’s so good and I really think you should watch it if you haven’t already!

But I also like American Horror Story, Zoo, Between, Stranger Things, and The chilling adventures of Sabrina which is a new show that I’m actually watching right now! The show is about a witch who’s navigating through two worlds: the mortal teenage life and her family’s legacy, The Church of Nights where the ruler is the Devil himself.

Carve out pumpkins

Pumpkins define Halloween and carving out them is one of my favorite things to do at this season. This is the pumpkin that my friend and I carved out before the Halloween party we had this Thursday and it actually turned out great! Don’t you think?

Host a amazing Halloween party/get together with your friends

Me and one of my friends come up with the idea to have a Halloween Party for about 2 or 3 weeks ago, just for us and our closest friends from school. And we have planned it in details ever since. We bought decorations and costumes for over 40$, quite much for decorations I know but since we were 10 people on the party, we could split the money. The party was this Thursday, November 1th. And my friend and I started to decorate her house early and later took my moped to the grocery store to buy a pumpkin and some breakfast. We decorated, carved out the pumpkin and made us ready for the party. We did our makeup, curled our hair and dressed in the “costumes” we had which wasn’t anything big but nearly everyone had some kind of Halloween accessory. I wore a pumpkin hat as you can see in the picture below!

I had so much fun. We ate pizza and kebab for dinner and played Pandora’s box, truth or dare, would you rather, who’s most likely to and also watched a scary movie. And of course played loud music and danced all night. We actually didn’t go to sleep until 5.30 am in the morning hah. Or maybe even later.. me and my best friend slept next to each other and we just couldn’t stop laughing.

Visit a haunted house or go on a haunted walk in the woods

Okay, it doesn’t have to be a real haunted house. A exhibition or tour works just fine but well.. if you’re searching for something way more scary than a fake haunted house with actors then visiting a real spooky old house could be really creepy. Especially if it’s dark. But something that is way more fun is an arranged haunted walk in the woods, at night of course. I was at one on Halloween night outside of my city and it was such a blast!

I was there with my cousins, my younger brother, my aunt and her husband. Their friends have this “farm” that they build two pathways on. One for the younger ones (less scary) and one that goes up on a hill with lots of blinking lights and people jumping forward or whispering stuff behind nearly every tree. I would say that my Halloween week has been pretty awesome, how bout you?

Hope you all had a scary Halloween


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