Throwback Travels: Dubai, part two

Hey everyone and welcome back to another blog post in my “Throwback Travels” series! Fun fact, these posts are actually the the ones I get the most traffic on which I think is super fun since these are my favourite kind of posts to write! Anyways, this is the second part of my recent “Throwback Travels: Dubai” so if you haven’t read that one already I totally think you should do that before reading this one. Okey! You ready? Let’s jump right into it!!

Boat trips

Dubai by boat is for sure one of my favourite ways to experience Dubai. It’s just the best view. On a non cloudy day with the high skyscrapers around you and the turquoise water. We were out one day on my aunts boat and we passed the Atlantis hotel, Burj Al Arab and old Dubai. Atlantis is one of Dubai’s most famous hotel resorts and is located on the “fake” island The Palm and Burj Al Arab is also a really famous hotel with a unique design. Anyways, they all are just amazing to look at from the sea. So this is for sure a big recommendation!

Beachy city vibes

The One and Only Royal Mirage is the only beach area I’ve been to in Dubai but it’s the most luxurious and lovely place ever! The One and Only Royal Mirage is a hotel with a private beach and pool, and even though we didn’t stay at the hotel you’re still able to get day passes for the beach and pool area! They have this huge pool with such a unique design together with all those palm trees as you can see in picture two. The view from the beach is just breathtaking, as soon as you move your head up you’ll see some of Dubai Marina’s enormous skyscrapers. This place was just feeling so luxurious and I wish we’d spent more than just one day at their beach. But you never know, maybe I’ll come back some day? We spent all day so the sunset was really pretty in the evening!

For lunch we ate at their restaurant just beside the beach, and I especially remember ordering some Mac n cheese that tasted super weird, Arabian style of Mac n cheese? I don’t know.


First of all, Dubai is quite a weird city. It’s built right in the desert and has developed to being a big metropolis in such a short time!

When I visited Dubai a few years back we went on something called a Evening Desert Safari. It’s a tour that starts from the minute you get picked up by a Jeep at your requested destination. From there on the driver will take you out from the city and just drives off from the road out into the desert. The tour started with Dune Dashing, which I at that time thought was a bit scary lol. And on top of a sand dune we stopped to see the sun set and to take beautiful pictures. After that the driver took us to a big camp in the middle of the desert, where we had the opportunity to ride camels! Inside this camp they had some small shops and you could get free henna tattoos, hold a falcon and watch some belly and fire dancers while eating dinner. Quite a cool experience.

You can also go in the morning or do a overnight Desert Safari! It’s up to you!

If you want to see a place really unbelievable, future inspired and different, I believe Dubai would be a great place for you.

Have you been to Dubai? And have you done/seen any of the things I’ve mentioned?

Happy Travels!


all pictures are my own

15 thoughts on “Throwback Travels: Dubai, part two

  1. I’ve not been to Dubai yet but its definitely on my list because of how many things to do and see there are there and how luxurious it is, as you said! I love being out on a boat so would definitely look into that and its so cool you can get day passes for that beach even if you’re not staying at the hotel!

    Soph – x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really is such a cool city! I think you’d love it! And being out on boats won’t be a hard task to do, they have “boat taxis” in Dubai Marina haha. Yeah I thought so too, it’s not really cheap but it’s such a amazing beach area!! x


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