52 Hours Journey and First day in Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hey you guys! I’m in South Africa!! I’m finally back here and it just feels awesome! We are going to stay here for about 3,5 weeks and I’m going to do my best to share it with you! I will definitely not post every day and some posts may be a bit “after it’s time”, because you know this is my vacation but since I absolutely love blogging you’ll probably see much of me anyways!

Today it’s December 21 and we landed in Cape Town yesterday, a day later then planned. So this is what happened, this Tuesday at 2 pm me and my family + my grandma left our homes to go to the airport in Stockholm for our flight at 9 pm that night. Our route was a flight to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia were we later should take another flight to Cape Town. But our flight from Stockholm to Addis Ababa first got delayed and then after hours of waiting, cancelled!! And everyone of course panicked, it was just a disaster. But my dad was really quick and got first in line so we managed to get hotel rooms at a hotel in Stockholm so we could take another flight the day after!

Here comes the part that sucked the most. The airplane we were supposed to fly with, never showed. Why? Because in Oslo (where it came from) they’d crashed the wing into a lamppost!! And since it only goes one flight from Addis Ababa to Cape Town every day, we had to spend one night at a hotel in Ethiopia too.. Me and my grandma counted the hours we’d been traveling and figured it was around 52 hours!!! It’s the longest time I’ve every been traveling and it was definitely not fun. But we are here now and I’m as happy as I can be.

I’m staying in Stellenbosch with my parents, my brother, my grandma, my aunt and her husband and my two small cousins! And we are now the first week renting a big villa from a family that live here in Stellenbosch. And I just have to say, this villa is massive!! Which is good in our case since we are 9 people! The house and its garden is just gorgeous, I would love to live here!!

Today was our first day. We booked massage appointments, because who doesn’t like getting a massage when on vacation? One of the best things there is. So we drove into town to do that and also to shop some Christmas presents to our Christmas game! The spa was at the back at a cute restaurant which also was some kind of bed and breakfast. It was so nice and cute!

This post is also a collab with GlobalWAKECup, a cool environment friendly company who sell bags and cups that doesn’t cost or harm the earth. Which is just amazing. The biggest problem they try to make a change to is the use of plastics. Each year 100 billion single-use coffee cups end up as landfill and that’s why their reusable WAKE products are made from sustainable, recyclable materials like farmed bamboo, stainless steel and double-walled glass.

They sent me this cute mini backpack made from paper that just fits great as a day trip bag where you have room for your phone, cards and even some bigger things! I do honestly really like the style and I use it so much right now!

10% of the profit they make also goes directly to their charity partners The Marine Conservation Society in UK who work to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected.

I’m honored to get to collab with such a meaningful company with this inspirational concept that really encourage people to WAKE UP and realize that we (along with millions of other stuff) have to start consuming better products if we want to keep living on this earth. It is not that much time left for us to get better.


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    1. Thank you! We are all so happy to be back here and I’m totally enjoying it this far! Oh yes! I’ve not been on safari here in SA but I’ve been in Namibia and it is just such great memories!! happy holidays!💕

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