What I Did In Franschhoek, South Africa

Franschhoek is this cute little town located in a beautiful mountain valley outside of Stellenbosch. I’ve been visiting the town quite many times before but I’ve never stayed at a hotel there before, which we decided to do on this trip. We stayed two nights at a small bed and breakfast at a farm? They had a couple of donkeys and one horse so I guess it counts as a farm. And also a tennis court haha. Anyways, Franschhoek is quite a small town but too cute not to visit.

Here’s some of the things I did there..

The Villiers Chocolate Café

This is one of the best cafés I know! The Villiers Chocolate Café is this cute little Café in the middle of Franschhoek. If you have been with me for a while you’ll know that I’ve talked about this place before! They literally have the best chocolate ever but the thing I like the most with this place is that they have these tastings. Both chocolate and ice cream tasting. And it is like heaven! Last time we were in Franschhoek we tried different chocolate ice creams made of chocolate from different countries. But unfortunately they were out of those this time so we tried five different tastes of ice cream instead. And they were just wow. If you are in for the good ice cream, this is literally the place to go. I tried Salted Caramel Crunch, Raspberry Crumble, Banoffe, Chocolate Brownie and Cookies and Cream. So basically I just really recommend this great Café.

My Donkey Friend Benjamin

At the bed and breakfast we stayed at they had (as I mentioned) like three or four donkeys and one pony. And it was located so beautifully, wherever you turn your head you’ll see these beautiful mountains walls. And that is also one of my favorite things about South Africa, the mountains!! I just love looking at them, hiking up on them and yeah, looking at them.

Being a girl coming from a quite boring city in Sweden with nothing as magical mountains to turn my head up to, I just can’t stop being amazed of how that can be a normal day for the people living in Western Cape, South Africa. If they’d visit Norrkoping, the city I live in. They’d think it looks empty hahah. Anyways one of these donkeys named Benjamin was just the coziest donkey I’ve ever meet, not that I’ve meet that many donkeys though. But he became me and my brothers little donkey friend Benji.

Where to shop and eat along the Main Rd

If you visit South Africa you will notice the fact that you won’t have a hard time finding markets. And I honestly really like them. Everything they sell they’ve made by themselves which is amazing! A lot of the sellers are really skilled and talented! Franschhoek’s market isn’t really the biggest but it’s still something. But otherwise this town has quite a lot of small shops and art galleries to check out along the Main Road. They are just adorable.

Not to talk about the food that’s going on in this town. Ever since I was little we’ve been eating at this colorful pancake place that was just the best place ever, but sadly they’d closed down :(( But I ensure you, you won’t be disappointed about the food.

I’m home right now but I’m still going to blog about nearly everything that happened this Christmas break. Was a bit hard to do down there since my WiFi wasn’t always the best and didn’t really feel like I had the time!

Hope you all had a great Christmas break though! Let’s chat in the comments!


15 thoughts on “What I Did In Franschhoek, South Africa

    1. Hey! Oh I hope you will sometime! SA is really my favorite country in the world. The nature is just mind blowing and incredibly beautiful, people are always nice and friendly and there’s so much to see! This was the 7th time for me in South Africa and there’s still so much stuff I haven’t seen, but it’s a big country so that might be why hahh! Lots of more SA posts are coming up so stay tuned <33


  1. This looks like such a nice place to go to! I really want to get to South Africa one day! This will go on my list of places to visit when I go there!

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    1. Yeah! Coffee and chocolate is a iconic duo!! I totally agree with you, it’s always nice finding something that isn’t that touristy, it is actually kind of me and my family’s ‘thing’ when we travel. We like to live more like a mix between being a tourist and a local. I think that makes you get to know the place better🌍❤️ Thank you!! xx


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