Morning hike up on Lion’s Head Mountain, Cape Town

Oh god, I can tell you I have wanted to do this for a long time now and finally I got to achieve it. And I’m so excited to tell you about this! For you who doesn’t know that much about Cape Town, Lion’s Head is a mountain just besides Cape Town’s most known attraction – the big Table Mountain. But Lion’s Head is not really as big as Table Mountain, its is more of a very high hill with the most beautiful view over Signal Hill, Cape Town and Camps Bay.

This was on one of the first days of January, and we woke up really early, like 5 or something. That may not sound that early to some of you but as always it was a bit rough for me since I’m not nearly a morning person. Even though I feel like it’s so much easier to get up early if you’re about to do something you’ve really looked forward to do. Something that you know will make you feel so incredibly good when you’ve achieved it. So I think I was more hyped than tired!

Isn’t just beautiful, Here’s the view over Camps Bay, Clifton Beach and the magical twelve apostles. A advice I have for everyone hiking in South Africa or in any other warm country, make sure to do it early in the morning before its too hot outside or in the evening when it’s getting a bit chilly. When you get a bit higher up on Lion’s Head it gets pretty steep. So I definitely think it would be a pain in the ass to hike in the middle of the day. First, all I wanted was to hike up on Lion’s Head at sunset but we decided to do it in the morning instead to see the sunrise. If we did see the sunrise? Nah. We were just a bit too late but I’m absolutely not complaining, the view were still amazing!! But now when I’ve seen it at day time I would love to do a sunset and sunrise hike as well sometime, maybe not at the same mountain but too see this magical view from different times of the day. With different lightning and a other kind of vibe.

I really think hiking could be one of my new things!

This hike was one of my highlights on our trip and I loved how free and risky it all felt. And when I say risky I totally mean risky, there must have been some accidents up there! There’s literally no fences and not that much to hold onto then some chains at some points. It’s basically just down the cliff beside you the whole way up to the top. The last bit up to the top is the most difficult, it was really steep and you had to climb a lot. Plus there’s so much people that I worried someone would accidentally push someone down haha.

But it was so much fun and such a awesome way to start the New Year! Don’t you think!?! Can’t wait until my next hike!

Happy Travels


27 thoughts on “Morning hike up on Lion’s Head Mountain, Cape Town

    1. I wouldn’t call it scary but it felt a bit unsafe. But.. I actually think that’s one of reasons it was such a cool experience. I don’t think it would have felt as free to hike up on a mountain with fences everywhere.. I don’t know.
      Oh yes! It’s really a beautiful spot to take photos. Everything was worth getting up early. The climb was really fun and sometimes challenging and being at the top was incredible. Thank you for reading!


    1. Ah yes! No I don’t think I would like to hike up on Table Mountain, my aunt did that once and it took like 5 hours for her to get to the top! When Lion’s Head only takes like 2 hours maximum. Thank you so much for reading!💜

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