No Single Use Plastic Challenge, Together With GlobalWAKEcup

Today globally on March 11th 2019 I’m kicking off this 1 Day No Single Use Plastic Challenge together with one of my favorite companies out there, GlobalWAKEcup

They are a outstanding enviroment friendly company who sell bags and cups that doesn’t cost or harm the earth. The biggest problem they try to make a change to is the use of plastics. Each year 100 billion single-use coffee cups end up as landfill and that’s why their reusable WAKE products are made from sustainable, recyclable materials like farmed bamboo, stainless steel and double-walled glass. Aren’t that just AMAZING?

A LOT of the plastic we humans use ends up in the oceans where it contribute to destroying the marine life and kills tens of thousands of marine animals each year. This is something that needs to change, not next week, month or year. We talk about NOW. To make a change, GlobalWAKEcup are partners with The Marine Conservation Society in the UK.

The Challenge

Are you ready to help reducing the plastic consumption?

Can you go 24 hours without purchasing or using any single-use coffee cups, water bottles, food packaging, straws or single-use bags? 

You can take the challenge on any day this year and by sharing the campaign message, your success stories, zero waste tips and (please be honest!) any epic fails with your network of followers, you’ll be letting your friends but also big businesses and government institutions know that we want to end our throwaway culture now!

Give it a go and don’t forget to tag @globalWAKEcup and #1dayplasticfree on your social media and sign up to the mailing list HERE to have a chance to win a prize worth £300!

GlobalWAKEcup is also asking everyone who takes part to donate just £2.. which is just the cost of your daily takeway coffee. The money will be put to good use by The Marine Conservation Society helping to clean our beaches and seas!! CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND HELP SAVE OUR OCEANS

We act because everyone relies on the ocean to survive, from the air we breathe to the food we eat.

Bildresultat för plastic in the oceans

I really hope all of you joins this challange! I know I will! Let’s start taking care of our beautiful earth!


11 thoughts on “No Single Use Plastic Challenge, Together With GlobalWAKEcup

  1. I love this! I was going to use pouches to put Malcolm’s baby food into and I chose to go with containers instead of creating waste. Not only helping the environment but it saves money too!

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  2. i love this post!!! i am so sorry that i haven’t seen it since now but i am so glad i did! i recently was in california and went to this all natural store and it was so amazing!! i have started using less plastic, and hopefully by the end of the year i will completely have stopped using plastic!! great job!

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    1. Ella! No worries, I’m just glad you liked the post! That store sounds great! It’s a shame that there isn’t more of those kind of stores. That’s amazing! Keep going girl you’re doing great!! Thank you for reading.


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