The Nature Outside My Door: Magical Swedish forests

Hey you guys, I hope everything is good with you all! It’s July, it’s summer break and I’m literally living my best life. Today I wanted to share some about my country, Sweden! Ever since I started blogging I’ve been surprised how many of you that are interested in Sweden and how many bloggers that have been visiting and blogged about it! It’s always so fun to hear your thoughts about my home. There’s really some gorgeous spots here and I’m glad more people appreciate them. So basically what I wanted to show you in this blogpost is the beauty of Sweden and how it actually looks like where I live. (For you who haven’t seen it by yourselves already).

I live basically surrounded by the forest since I live on a small peninsula in a lake with lots of woods around it. It’s a great place to live at, so much fun things to do in both in the summer and winter. I always have great view over my little lake by my house (there’s a small lake on the peninsula that I live by) and we have our own jetty on the lake which is very nice. I love living here and I love the environment around me. There’s really no other place I’d rather live at.

Our lakes in Sweden are always very dark, you never really see the bottom of the lake except for the very shallow parts. Some people that hasn’t experienced that before tend to think it’s scary to swim in such dark water. I obviously don’t since I’ve grown up swimming in dark lakes and don’t find it scary at all but I can understand why you’d think it’s a bit intimidating since you clearly don’t see what’s below you. But there’s really nothing to be scared over. I absolutely think that the feeling between the ocean and lakes are completely different from each other. A lake ends and the ocean barely does, depends on which ocean though but generally. And lakes are more mysterious and calm and often very quiet. But I don’t think I could ever choose between them two…

Lake sunsets are one of the better ones, like you can see on the picture above it’s often incredibly beautiful. Since I live by a lake you might think that I’m so used to it all that I don’t appreciate it enough or that I don’t really see he beauty since I have seen it everyday in my whole life. Wrong, literally every time I look out the windows I’m grateful for living at such a wonderful and beautiful place. I love it so much. I’m so close to the forest since I basically live in it and there’s so much fun things to do. By our jetty we have a small boat, a SUP (stand up paddle board) and two kayaks. We also own a motorboat that we have in the bigger lake just a two minute walk from our house.

As I said there’s so much things you can do by a lake and it’s all so much fun. You can go out camping on a island or just in the woods near the lake, you can go out with the boat together with some friends and have a relaxing day by the water. That’s really like one of my absolute favorite things to do, to hangout with friends or family somewhere around the lake, eat some great food, listen to music and swim and tan in the sun all day long.

So tell me about you, have you ever visited Sweden or would you like to? Are you a ocean or lake person? Or maybe like me, you just can’t choose. Let’s chat in the comments below!

Some of the pictures in this blogpost are taken from my dads Instagram account @glotternskogen which is a account dedicated to the forests of Glottern, which is the name of our lake. Go and check it out and give him a follow!!

Happy Travels


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16 thoughts on “The Nature Outside My Door: Magical Swedish forests

    1. Thank you!! Yeah it really is beautiful here. In all the seasons. The summer is so green and lovely, in autumn the orange and red trees around the lakes are just 😍 and also in the winter when the trees are frosty and everything’s white. I hope you can check off sweden on your bucket list sometime in the future.


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