Activewear That Makes A Difference: Hiking Around The Lakes

AD| Having a hard time finding clothes that fulfills all your requirements? We all want to wear something that makes us look good, but if you are like me you don’t only settle for that. For me it’s important to have a good conscious while buying and wearing the clothes. So for this post I’ve teamed up with Bouda Vida to show you some REALLY NICE activewear that are eco friendly, making a difference by donating a percentage to a good cause and are also looking amazing on!!

So, Boudavida is a sport and activewear company who actually does a difference. They aim to bring fashion and function together while creating clothes that makes women feel good about their bodies and more inspired to get active. But the main reason I wanted to promote Boudavida was for the work they do to raise money for women’s sport!! 5% from every purchase they make gets donated to projects in women’s sport, which makes a difference for women and girls in the UK.

Everything I’m wearing in these pictures are the activewear from their collections. The grey t -shirt is such a soft piece to work out or hike in, and it’s also made of bamboo. Which means it’s eco friendly and does not contribute to the fast fashion trend that harms our earth. And also how cool aren’t these leggings with a rose print?!

I tried out these pieces while going on a afternoon hike/stroll with my mom this weekend and even though it was a bit windy (as you can see from waves on the lake) it was still very nice. If you have read my post The Nature Outside My Door: Magical Swedish Forests you already know that I live by lots of lakes and have around 5 meters to the lake from my house (it’s basically in our garden haha). Which is something I’m very grateful to have, it’s such a luxury and the view is so beautiful especially when you wake up in the morning and the sun is shining over the lake.

My favorite must be this black set! It’s so clean and good looking! If you want to get your own activewear don’t forget to use “TUVA15” for 15% off on all items on

To be clear. I was interested and liked Boudavidas sports wear before starting a collaboration. In all my collaborations I’m always telling you my honest opinion and I have choosen to only promote brands and companies that has a meaning and are doing something good that I feel I want to enlighten and that I can stand for on my blog. I encourage you other bloggers to try doing the same.

Happy Travels,


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