Memories From My Camera Roll & Sustainable Swimwear

Hey, it has been a while. Even though I’m one of those who are home from school because of the coronavirus.. I still feel like I haven’t had that much time for blogging. School has really been a lot and still is. I’m happy it’s only 5 more weeks until summer and I’m trying my best to push through!

And also, as you’ve probably heard, we here in Sweden are not in quarantine. But plenty of people are in self-quarantine and studying or working from home. The society is still running and people are going to their jobs. We don’t know if our way of handling this crisis is wrong or right, like the countries who have totally shut down everything don’t know if that is the right decision either. Time will tell, I guess. But I’m starting to get so sick of this virus and just wish it all would blow over so we all can get back to normal.

Since there are not that many fun things to do in the current situation – I thought why not go down memory lane and dig up some photos from my camera roll that has never made it to the blog! At this time when no one is able to travel, let’s travel virtually through our camera rolls. But first, I’m going to start the summer season with an environmentally friendly bikini collaboration! Two things I love, being sustainable and bikinis!

Sustainable Summer With HallaxHalla

Ad/ In today’s post I’m partnering up with the Finnish swimwear company HallaxHalla to show you some quality sustainable swimwear! They sent me this gorgeous bikini which is reversible, 2 bikinis in one!

I have a policy to only work with sustainable and environmentally friendly companies to inspire you to make better choices and buy better alternatives. HallaxHalla’s bikinis are made from collected fishing nets, carpet flooring, fabric scraps, and plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. Since they started they have upcycled 2250 kg waste and 563 kg fishing nets! They are basically cleaning up our world to make gorgeous bikinis, how amazing?!!

Click here to read more about their production from the collecting – recycling – manufacturing in a well paid Balinese factory and packaging.

Another thing I fully support and find so impressive is that all their packaging is entirely eco-friendly!! As you can see in the right picture, instead of using plastic they use cassava starch which is completely biodegradable.

Even if it’s HallaxHalla or not, I encourage you to make a smarter choice and buy yourself some planet friendly bikinis for this upcoming summer! Now to the memories from my camera roll!

Let’s start this with a picture from Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. This particular picture is pretty old, like from 2013 or so. Maybe even older. It’s taken from my mom’s camera and I just love how it’s captured with the clouds hanging over the twelve apostles and the colors from the sunset. The second picture is from our new year’s eve picnic at the Jeremy Loops concert at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden last year and the third is from V&A Waterfront.

Jeremy Loops did recently start up a project called The Big Food Drive that raises money to feed impoverished South African communities during the covid-19 outbreak. In response to the current global pandemic, poverty-stricken South Africans are living below the breadline due to the lockdown. Such a amazing initiative. The hunger due to lockdown might not be something a lot of us have reflected upon, but it does exist.

I miss South Africa so much and just traveling in general. Even though I normally never travel this time of year I feel a stronger urge than ever because I know I’m not able to travel.

These two photos are actually from yesterday, I went on a walk around my neighborhood and the clouds started looking so dark but yet beautiful?! I really liked the contrast between the green forest and the dark clouds. Love going on walks in the forest and listening to podcasts. Oddly enough it didn’t start raining.

This one is from summer 18’ and it makes me so excited for the upcoming summer and all warm nights with candles and playing cards with friends and family.

And lastly here’s a picture from me and my family’s safari in Namibia 2017. What you see is our safari Jeep with our tents on the roof. More about my entire Namibia experience is coming up in a blog post in a while, so stay tuned for that!

Hope you liked this post and let’s chat in the comments down below!

Happy Travels & stay safe and healthy,


11 thoughts on “Memories From My Camera Roll & Sustainable Swimwear

    1. They are really doing some great work! I don’t think you are going to be disappointed, their bikinis and swimsuits are so flattering. Thank you for reading this post! Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for helping me add “clean out camera roll” to my to do list lol I’m loving these shots though! Quarantine is definitely driving me crazy here in the U.S. Every day I wonder what “normal” will look like after this.
    Only five more weeks until summer!!
    xo Bri

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah my pleasure. Yeah it must be tough, I haven’t been in “real” quarantine so I can’t say that I know how it’s like, but just keep going and try to stay healthy. I too wonder what “normal” will be, I guess no one can know and I actually find it both exciting and scary to see what the world will look like after all this. I’m a bit late to answer but YEY it’s finally summer!!

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    1. Thank you Jenny! That’s amazing, go you!! I’m trying my best to shop as much sustainable products as possible and I just love doing it, a feeling that I’m making a little bit of a difference. Also, the products are often in such great quality. Please do, they have a bunch of other reversible, patterned pieces as well.


    1. Yes it is isn’t!? Just love the pattern and that it’s reversible. Cape Town is absolutely my favorite city in the entire world. Did you find Joberg worth visiting? I have only been to the airport when transferring to Cape Town so I have no idea what there’s to see in Joberg. Glad you had such a good time!


  2. I love that the bikini is sustainable, though I do not know myself I am brave enough to wear it! It is a lovely color, though, and I never have seen a reversible swimsuit before but I love the idea because you get two in one.

    South Africa looks so peaceful through your camera. 🙂

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