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I’m sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve just had a lot going on. Anyway, I thought it was time for one more “throwback travel” since it seems like a lot of you enjoy reading travel posts!

For you who haven’t read my last travel post:

“Throwback Travels” are basically posts where I talk about different countries and cities I visited before I started blogging! I show you some great places to visit and share some great memories :))

Last Easter me and my family flew down to Dubai and Bahrain to visit my aunt and her husband who basically live in Bahrain. We flew with Emirates, and gosh how much i love their planes after this trip. The luxuries on that plane, wooow. And like, we were only on the economy class. I have been flying with a lot of different planes but it is only Emirates food that i really enjoy. And their tv screens where awesome, it had all the latest movies and so much to choose from. This nearly sounds like an ad but i promise you it’s not, lol. I just genuinely think they earn some credit.

We stayed at the hotel resort Sofitel Zallaq Talassa sea & spa, and had a great time. The hotel is located not far away from Bahrain’s capital city, Manama. Bahrain is a really small island so wherever you are nothing is really that far away. We stayed in Bahrain and at Sofitel for 3 days and usually in my family we’re not a big fan of big hotel resorts where you get isolated from everything else around you. But in this case Sofitel was great. As i said, Bahrain is a really small island and even though we only stayed for three days it didn’t feel like it was a lot you could do.

So we spent most of the time either in the hotel area or at my auntie and her husband’s house. But we didn’t really bother, there’s a hella lot to do at the resort. Going to the gym, bathing either in the big pool or in the ocean on their own private beach, taking a massage, eat great food or just chilling in the sun. and by great food, I really mean great food. I absolutley loved the breakfast buffé and they have around five different resturant (!). I learned that I absolutely love humus. The rooms we stayed in were actually heavenly and had the most comfortable beds.

pictures from Sofitel Bahrain

If you in any case are planning to visit Bahrain, I would recommend Sofitel.

Royal Camel Farm

We visited this camel farm that had, I would guess more than a hundred camels. It was literally crowded.

The streets of Manama

We also visited the old part of Manama with lots of small streets and alleys. Very different from what I’m used to.

A day at sea

A beautiful and hot day at sea. We did go all the way to the boarder of Qatar to a sandbar in the middle of the sea. Also this is my cute little brother.

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