Spring vibes

Spring vibes

It’s finally great weather here!! And I’m sooo happy. For just like a week ago we still had some spots of snow and there was no way you would even consider going to school in shorts and t-shirt. Even though spring came so late this year (compared to other years) it still blows my mind how fast this winter past by..? Or is it just me? Anyway the end of this week has been so hot, we’ve had like max 28 degrees celsius. Which is so nice! I just don’t understand those people who complain about the cold weather, which is something I always do cuz I’m not a big fan of the winter. And as me they wish for better weather, but as soon as we get this great spring degrees, nearly everyone is like “let’s stay inside, it’s way too hot”. Like what do you guys mean??!??! It’s perfect outside. This is what we all have been looking forward to.


A normal school day in my life. We finish school quite early on Thursdays so me and some friends took the bus in to our closest shopping mall after school. I didn’t buy anything though (nearly) since I need to save all my money to my trip to Malta. Which is soon and I’m so excited!


I don’t remember last I was so incredibly happy that it was Friday. This week has been quite rough. We’ve had a lot of tests and exams. So when I came home I sat in the sun listening to  two episodes of my favorite podcast and trying to tan a bit. I don’t think it gave any big results but anyway, it was still nice.

also my cat is friday mood


Today was a lowkey day. Just a relaxing, really chill day, spending half of it in bed. Around lunch me, my brother and my dad biked down to one of our local pizza shops, that also sell ice cream. I got a polka, mint and chocolate cone; my dad a polka and my little brother got a daim cone. You know this old cheesy quote about ice cream? “you can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream. And that’s kind of the same thing” . Later some of our family friends came over to barbecue and I had a great night. Now I’m just sitting here in my bed again, this time writing this post and eating some strawberries.

Overall some great days

XO Tuva

my weekend in pictures

my weekend in pictures

This weekend me and my fam spent some great time at our small cottage. A night without any WiFi and phones, Which sometimes is a really relaxing thing to do. I think we all should have our days or weekends were we just drop everything that actually isn’t that important and treat ourselves and hang out with the people we love. We ate some pizza in the sun. I love eating outside, it feels like everything tastes so much better outside? Later we lit a fire in the stove and catched up on our favourite reality shows. to that some coca cola and a lot of cheesedoodles and popcorns. That’s what we call “fredagsmys” in sweden.

I found this on Urban Dicitonary and it’s helierious, but also so true.

“Fredagsmys is pretty much the most holy tradition of Sweden. The word origins from two words; “fredag” and “mys”, which roughly translates to Friday and cozy. Every Friday, all Swedes drive by the supermarket to buy ingredients for taco, soda and chips. Then, they all sit down in their sofas with their families or friends and watch telly. Usually, the parents fall asleep after a few glasses of wine or beer while the kids stuff themselves with chips until they have a stomach ache.”
Tell me about your weekend in the comments below!

Bahrain | throwback travel

Hey everyone!

I’m sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve just had a lot going on. Anyway, I thought it was time for one more “throwback travel” since it seems like a lot of you enjoy reading travel posts!

For you who haven’t read my last travel post:

“Throwback Travels” are basically posts where I talk about different countries and cities I visited before I started blogging! I show you some great places to visit and share some great memories :))

Last Easter me and my family flew down to Dubai and Bahrain to visit my aunt and her husband who basically live in Bahrain. We flew with Emirates, and gosh how much i love their planes after this trip. The luxuries on that plane, wooow. And like, we were only on the economy class. I have been flying with a lot of different planes but it is only Emirates food that i really enjoy. And their tv screens where awesome, it had all the latest movies and so much to choose from. This nearly sounds like an ad but i promise you it’s not, lol. I just genuinely think they earn some credit.

We stayed at the hotel resort Sofitel Zallaq Talassa sea & spa, and had a great time. The hotel is located not far away from Bahrain’s capital city, Manama. Bahrain is a really small island so wherever you are nothing is really that far away. We stayed in Bahrain and at Sofitel for 3 days and usually in my family we’re not a big fan of big hotel resorts where you get isolated from everything else around you. But in this case Sofitel was great. As i said, Bahrain is a really small island and even though we only stayed for three days it didn’t feel like it was a lot you could do.

So we spent most of the time either in the hotel area or at my auntie and her husband’s house. But we didn’t really bother, there’s a hella lot to do at the resort. Going to the gym, bathing either in the big pool or in the ocean on their own private beach, taking a massage, eat great food or just chilling in the sun. and by great food, I really mean great food. I absolutley loved the breakfast buffé and they have around five different resturant (!). I learned that I absolutely love humus. The rooms we stayed in were actually heavenly and had the most comfortable beds.

pictures from Sofitel Bahrain

If you in any case are planning to visit Bahrain, I would recommend Sofitel.

Royal Camel Farm

We visited this camel farm that had, I would guess more than a hundred camels. It was literally crowded.

The streets of Manama

We also visited the old part of Manama with lots of small streets and alleys. Very different from what I’m used to.

A day at sea

A beautiful and hot day at sea. We did go all the way to the boarder of Qatar to a sandbar in the middle of the sea. Also this is my cute little brother.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

– Is there anything I missed that you wanted to know about? or do you have a great suggestion for me to write about in the next chapter?

Please leave a comment below

A saturday in my world

A saturday in my world


This weekend my cousin, my aunt and her husband is staying at our place and today we’ve just had a really cozy Saturday! We ate a great breakfast and after that we took a long walk on the lake. It isn’t that chilly outside anymore, so you don’t have to wear multiple layers of clothes to not freeze to death (joking). We made some hotdogs for lunch and then we decided to go to this old beautiful house were the owners have different markets a couple times a year. Last time we visited it was around the holidays and we bought a lot of stuff at the Christmas market.

This place is so beautiful and so good for taking great photos!! It’s called “Stens Hus” which means Sten’s House, “Sten” is a Swedish name and also the word for a stone. But in this case it’s meant to be the name. Haha, congrats! You’ve learned a Swedish word! Today they had some kind of Easter market but it wasn’t that much of that theme. I was a bit disappointed of the few stands they had this year (it was a lot more last year) and I didn’t find anything to buy so I just hanged out at the Café. Btw that chocolate cake was so incredibly good!!! I’m sorry for not posting in a while but I’ve had a lot going on lately and just haven’t felt that I had any inspiration until now. Hope you’ll have a great weekend!

Marschall party on the ice

Marschall party on the ice


First of all I just want to welcome all of my new followers! So fun that you all found my blog and I hope you’ll enjoy reading my posts. As I’ve told in a earlier post, I live by a few lakes. And right now it is really cold here in Sweden. So we got thick ice on the lakes which means your able to ice skate! I love to ice skate and play hockey with friends, it is so fun. The best thing about winter is that we always have two ice parties! One where my family invites friends and cousins to come and ice skate, eat great food and take a sauna! We always have a really nice time!

The second party is arranged by all of the neighbors around our little lake. And that one was yesterday! Someone plows a path around the lake and we all helps out to set out lots of marschalls to lighten up the path. One neighbor buys around 100 hotdogs and makes some kind of hotdog stand on his dock. When it gets dark people come out and eat hotdogs, talk to other people and ice skate. And nearly every neighbor with their own dock makes a little stand with something to offer. Most of them takes out whiskey and other kinds of liquor. We had hot cocoa with cream for us kids and also some liquor.

It’s nice, because you have time to speak with people that you normally just wave hi to while passing by. And it’s also quite beautiful because of all these Marschalls lighting up and you could also see the stars.

Next year I hope there will be a bit more people. There was a lot more people last year than yesterday! And it’s always more fun with more people!

Thank you for reading! Until next time!

Sunshine blogger award 2018

Sunshine blogger award 2018

What is the sunshine blogger award?

The sunshine blogger award is a way to recognize bloggers for adding value to the blogging community. It is a great way to connect with other bloggers and show appreciation for their work; an award created by bloggers, for bloggers. All nominees must answer the questions provided by those who nominated them, and then nominate 11 more people who they will ask their own set of 11 questions.

So basically I got nominated to the Sunshine Blogger Awards 2018 by http://themessylife.com , Thank you so much!! I haven’t been blogging for that long, so this gesture really made me feel so honored. I also have to thank all the other bloggers who support me and everyone else. I think it’s fantastic how everyone in the blog community really seems to support each other. Thank you for being such good people.

With that said, let’s jump in to Ash’s 11 questions:

How long have you been blogging?

I started my blog 25th November 2017. So I’ve only been a blogger for a couple months. And I absolutely love it!

How would you describe your writing style?

This is so hard, I’ve literally no idea how to describe it… I kinda just write what comes to my mind. I never really think about my content that much. I just try to speak from my heart and from what I want to tell you guys out there.

How do you balance your blog with work, internships, or school?

I have a schedule to post ones a week, every Saturday because then I have the whole week on me to work on a great post. And in that way I also have time for school and trainings. But if I have more time to write (like this week) I of course take the chance to do so.

As a blogger, what’s your favorite social channel to use for engagement?

The only social media I use to communicate, meet new bloggers and advertise my blog is Twitter. And I think Twitter is a good way to find other amazing bloggers and to make people discover your own blog.

twitter: @ tuvazetterdahl

Where is your favorite place to write and why?

This is now I should come up with a great place that have meaning for me and that just give me so much inspiration. But no, I don’t have such a place. I actually don’t have one particular place I write on. I write on my sofa, in my bed, on my desk, on vacations maybe like wherever you can find good WiFi lol. My favorite place to write at is while traveling. Some place where I’m right up in the adventures with a great view.

What do you do when you’re stuck in a rut and have trouble writing?

I press pause, go spend some time with family or friends to just talk and have a good time. Afterwards I always feel like I’ve “restarted” like a phone that messed up a little bit. And I’m working as good as I’m used to and have gathered more inspiration.

Where have you always wanted to go, that you have yet to travel?

This may sound quite simple, but I’ve never been in America. I would love to go to California, it looks really pretty on all the photos I’ve seen. Or kinda just a road trip somewhere in the States would also be so cool. Otherwise my dream destination have always been Bora Bora.

– Picture from Pinterest.

Describe your go-to outfit in a sentence!

Hey! I’m Tuva and I just throw something on.

If you could do one thing for someone you love, what would you do and for whom?

I would book a flight to Cuba for my grandma. Because she has always wanted to go to Cuba and there isn’t much time left for her to explore the world until she feels like she is to old and doesn’t enjoy it anymore. So that would be something I would do for someone I love very much. Take my grandma to her dream destination.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but struggled to stick with or accomplish?

Omg this one was so hard! I’m sorry but nothing comes to my mind.

Where do you find inspiration to create your best blog posts or writings?

I would say my life. If I do something special and something I really enjoyed, I can’t wait to share it with you and tell you all about it.

That was all the questions! Don’t forget to check out Ash’s blog, it’s amazing!

Wow! I got nominated one more time?!thank you! Chelsee Dagger

Where was your last holiday to? If you haven’t been on holiday where would you like to go?

My recent travels where over Christmas. Me and my family where in Hong Kong and also in the Philippines <33 Miss it sooo much!!!!

What is your favorite hobby?

Blogging and training!

If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

Probably some water animal because I love the ocean or a lion because Leo is my zodiac. And I think lions are beautiful.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

I’m fourteen so no, no tattoos. But I really want to do one when I’m eighteen! And the only piercings I have is ear piercings.

What’s your favorite color?

Blue! Or green! Both!

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog because I wanted to share the things i experience! I travel a lot and see a lot of interesting and beautiful and sometimes horrible things and there is so much people who doesn’t travel and don’t see these things. I want people to see the beauty of earth and what it have to offer. But best of all is that I have a place where I’m able to write and express myself. This blog is like my travel journal with a mix of other things.

Where do you get your inspiration for your blog?

I write about me and things I do, so my “inspiration” would be my life.

What is your best childhood memory?

So hard to only choose one!! Maybe like when me and my family where in Australia when i was 6 years old. And we rented this bush villa and when we woke up one morning there was this big kangaroo sleeping in our garden.

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

I would move to South Africa with my family! It’s a dream we’ve always had. And of course donate money!!

Top 3 books and why?

1. Me before you & After you by Jojo Moyes! I don’t know how to describe them but they are the best books ever! I absolutely love Jojo Moyes writing!!

2. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. This is a example of a book you just can’t stop reading and that you just want more of when you’re done!! The best thing in this book is the big twist in the ending!

3. I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. Reading this book makes you remember how much you take for granted every day. Freedom of speech and education etc. I think everybody should have read this book. Malala is amazing!

My 11 questions:

  1. Was there any specific reason why you started your blog?
  2. Describe yourself with 5 words!
  3. If you would have to choose only one dish to eat for the rest of your life, what would that be and why?
  4. What’s your favorite type of post to write?
  5. How do you see yourself as a blogger in the future?
  6. What’s your ultimate goal for your website?
  7. In what country do you live in and where would you like to live if you wouldn’t live there?
  8. Tell us one thing that made a big impact on your life, that you will remember forever.
  9. Have you ever had a collaboration with a company? If, do you like doing that kind of stuff and would you do it again?
  10. Let’s say you never became a blogger, what would you have done with the time you now spend on blogging?
  11. Something you want to accomplish this year.

And my nominees areeee…….


Niki & Alex

World of Jess


Gem’s blog







Hope you’ll have a great time answering my questions! Can’t wait to read your answers!

Photo diary | Winter

Photo diary | Winter

– Sweden, winter 2018 –

This is how it looks at my home right now, full with snow, and sparky flakes. Cold, but still beautiful. It’s kinda cold this week, the temperature lies around 6-14 degrees below zero (Celcius).

Right now when I look out from my window, it is snowing.

I live by two lakes, a big one and a smaller one. And therefore we have our own dock like everyone else living around the lake. In winter we usually do this “ice-hole” (on the picture) to cool down in when we’re taking a sauna. It’s really refreshing and of course really cold. I encourage everyone who haven’t done this to try it. At least once. But be careful not to do it while feeling slightly sick, for me it worsened and I got a flue :(((

As you may know (if you’ve read my Winter Wonderland post) I’m not a big fan of winter. I’m a lot more comfortable in warmer temperatures and I like it more when you don’t have to dress in 5 layers for just going out. I can’t say that I don’t winter at all because who doesn’t get exited for the first snow? Who doesn’t like being outside playing? ice skating with friends on a sunny winter day? I would never complain on a perfect winter day, but after all I will always like summer more.


Some pictures from when I was walking home from school last week. Something I really like about winter is that some days the sunsets gets so pretty! It becomes a big contrast compared to the white snow. This picture is from my lake and it’s not edited at all! Isn’t it so pretty?!ICE SKATING <33I have been posting a lot this week compared to the fact that I usually post once a week. But I’m sick and in Sweden we don’t have school this week so I’m kinda restless and that’s why I’m posting more than I usually do.

– Which one do you like the most? Winter or summer? And why?