My Top 3 Beaches Around Cape Town

Hey you all, hope you’re doing good and life’s treating you well. Before I start with this blogpost I just want to thank you for all the great and positive support I’ve gotten on my recent posts. Means a lot, thanks again. Are you planning a trip to South Africa? Or just in your mind? If you have any slightest interest in knowing what great beaches you can find around Cape Town, this is the post for you.

Camps Bay beach

Sweet sweet Camps Bay, one of my favorite places in the world. Camps Bay has a great central location with a amazing view of the 12 apostles, Table Mountain and especially Lion’s Head. It’s blessed with a amazing beach and it’s main road, Victoria Road is flaked by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, The Twelve Apostles mountain range on the other, and palm trees, little cafes and gorgeous hotels and villas in between. So in other words.. as insta worthy as it can be.

Camps Bay Beach is as many other South African beaches, a beach with very white sand. Which I really like even though you always burn your feet lol. The beach is often quite crowded but you won’t have a hard time finding a place. When we were there this December we only took a quick bath since it’s always really freezing water sound Cape Town. It’s not really a city to go snorkeling in, but also there’s a lot of white sharks in SA because of the reason that they enjoy the cold water. Which doesn’t make you that hyped to go out for a swim either.

So always remember to check the shark spotting programme and the flags before going into the water.


Clifton’s beaches are divided into four districts – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th. All of them have different reputations and some are a bit more crowded, but that really depends on what time of the day you’re visiting. Clifton’s beaches are generally really popular beaches and are some of the most famous ones. With luxury houses and apartment buildings around, white sand and colorful umbrellas, Clifton is the place for you who like it clean and close to the city. I really like Clifton, I tend to like small beaches and since Clifton is divided into four “smaller” ones I like that you can visit all of them and find out which one fits you the best! It’s also nice that even though it’s very close to the road you don’t really notice that while being down at the beach. Clifton is located down a hill and the road is much more further up.


Noordhoek beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I know. It is so insanely long and wide. It takes around 10 minutes to walk from the start of the beach to the ocean and the whole beach is as long as 8 km, which is just crazy long. Noordhoek is also famous for having lots of big waves but actually, when we stopped to take a swim this time it was just perfect, even though you can’t feel your own feet after 5 minutes because of the cold.

Noordhoek is a suburb located below the Chapman’s peak drive on the West Coast of the Cape Peninsula. While visiting the area I recommend going to a ranch named Sleepyhollow and go horseback riding on the beach. Funny story, all of the horses in our group were male horses except mine who were a female, who also ironically were famous for kicking other horses… It was a beautiful ride but my horse was just a tiny bit crazy.

Happy Travels


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27 thoughts on “My Top 3 Beaches Around Cape Town

      1. Yeah it is, at summer it’s so much fun to be out on the lake camping with friends and now at winter we’re able to ice skate! I like summer more though. That’s a bummer, where do you live?💜

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    1. You are? That’s so fun!! I’m so happy this was helpful! Thank u Brooke!! Will probably post some more posts about Cape Town so stay tuned if you’d like some more advice💕💕


  1. wonderful post! i love everything about it although i am not fond of sun and sand, but it your taste with these nature-destination is undeniably fantastic!

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  2. Lovely post here Tuva! I’ve not been to South Africa neither the beach in such a long time despite how close it is to me most times, will try to check out your recommendations if I do visit S.A. xoxo

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