Throwback Travels: South Africa

Today I came up with this really great idea, that I should start a “blog story” where I tell you about some of the countries I’ve visited the latest years. So basically this is the first “chapter” of what I call Throwback Travels. Isn’t that such a great name?? In this post I’m going to talk about last years trip to South Africa.

Last year me and my family took a flight down to Cape Town around the holidays. To just spend time in our favourite South African cities. For a week or so we rented a quite big white house at Digteby Estate in Stellenbosch and we also stayed in a apartment we borrowed from some people we know. Digteby is a really cute little estate with not more than… maybe .. 15-20 houses (?) I don’t really remember how many there where, but at the time I remember thinking that it was like a cute little neighborhood with only these typical South African white houses.


When we we’re there last year the drought in Cape Town had just started and one afternoon when me and my brother were bathing in the pool we saw a big smoke coming from one of the neighbor’s gardens. It was the neighbor’s dry lawn that burned and fourtunatley the fire department came in time before anything was destroyed. The last days we had in South Africa wasn’t that nice because of all the terrible bushfires that started. We saw on the news how vinyards and houses burned up and as fast as we got outside the city we could see smoke and there was lots of ash in the air. These fires and the drought is still going on. All these beutiful places getting destroyed!!


But let’s change the subject to something more positive, like a day in Camps Bay, my favourite place on earth <333 Eating lots of sushi and hanging out on the beach while watching the sunset.

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Walking the roads of Franschhoek an shopped in the cute stores and at the market. We also found a new opened place named De Villiers Chocolate Café. And we tried their sorbet tasting and also their chocolate tasting, even though it was a year ago I still remember that I absolutley loved their Chai ice cream!

So this was some of things that I did in South Africa 2017. Of course we did a lot more but this blogpost would turn out to be endless long if I would write down it all.

I really liked writing this post and I look forward to tell you about my other travels! It’s fun to tell you about stuff that normally not so many people ask me about. Beacuse what I share on social media is literally such a small part of everthing I see. Hope you all enjoyed reading this and if you like my idea “Throwback Travels” or have any suggestions of things you want me to tell you about in my next post in this serie, please leave a comment down below!

Xx Tuva

45 thoughts on “Throwback Travels: South Africa

  1. I loved seeing all these pictures! ❤ I agree, you chose a great name for this series 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about the drought in Cape Town, though 😦 I really hope things get better there soon!

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  2. I LOVE reading travel posts. They’re so inspiring, and this makes me want to visit South Africa. The pictures are stunning! The drought and bush fire must’ve been scary, but I guess there’s always going to be negatives along with positives wherever you go, so it shouldn’t stop people from travelling! 😊❤❤❤

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    1. Looks lovely! That’s sad about the bushfires – I imagine that can be quite an issue in that climate. I’ve always wanted to go to South Africa but I’ve had several South Africans tell me it’s not safe unless I have someone to stay with who already lives there… I’m hoping there are safe places there I can visit as it’s so high on my list!

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      1. It really is lovely! Yes the bushfires in South Africa is a big problem that also increases because of the climate changes and the temperatures rising, not good. Hmm.. they make it sound like it’s dangerous wherever you go. That’s really not it. I was recently in SA (this Christmas) and have been 6 times before in my life. I practically consider SA my second home and I have never felt unsafe being there. But it is as like any other country, there’s both unsafe areas and safe areas in the whole country. I recommend Western Cape! But you should absolutely not feel afraid of visiting!! And you really don’t need to stay with a local if you’re in the safe areas. The people of South Africa from my experiences is overall very kind and polite people. Hope you get to visit!! xx


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