Three Seychelles Islands: The Ultimate Relax Holiday

Seychelles, Seychelles, Seychelles where to begin. The Seychelles is a island group outside of Africas east coast. I have been to many islands – Thailands islands, The philippines, Guadeloupe, Mauritius and more. It can be easy to believe that “yeah they’re the typical paradise islands, what’s the difference between them exactly?” I’ll tell you, they’re all different from each other, they’re all special in their own way and it’s not really like I forget what I was doing on any of them because they’re all so great memories.

So If you’re thinking that “I’ve already been to a few island groups, I don’t wanna do that again”, reconsider. Unless you’re not going to the same island group you’ve been to earlier, you’ll never experience the same things. I promise you. They’re definetly not just islands with white beaches, they have so much more to offer that you just don’t want to miss out on.

The Seychelles consists of 155 named islands and I visisted 3 of them. Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Three very beautiful islands but as I said also very different from each other.


We stayed for about a week at La Digue and the wonderful thing with that island is that there’s nearly any vechicles, only bicycles. Everyone bikes around the island to cute cafes, beaches and resturants. I really loved this place beacuse of that. It feels so nice not having to sit in a car, and it works so well since the island is so small and it doesn’t take more than aproximatly 2 hours to bike around it. The whole island is just harmonic and such a happy place with nice people and stunning nature. I would love to go back there sometime in the future.

We went snorkeling and found hidden beaches, went to a sancuary and saw so much big land turtles, spotted dolphins, enjoyed the warm ocean water, took massages and watched lots and lots of sunsets. All the things you should be doing on a island in the Indian Ocean.


Many of you have probably seen photos from Praslin over the internet since their iconic beach rocks are so famous and not to talk about beautiful! And I’m gonna give you in on a little secret. The photographs you’ve seen online from Praslin aren’t normally photshopped or edited. They legit look that way in real life. I have taken the photos below and they’re not edited in any way. Looks almost like a painting doesn’t it? I remember that we visited one beach were locals sold fruit plates and I bought a bracelet with a pearl on it from a guy that dives after them for a living.

We spent New Year’s Eve at Praslin and this wasn’t one of the best ones hahah. We spent it on the beach near our hotel, bought some popcorn from a store and sat there by ourselves (the neighbourhood was totally empty by the time, people were away partying). Me and my brother were chasing some crabs and we played some music, but that was it.

The start of the new year was a lot better though, we were discovering a beach on the other side of the island (the photos below) and it just started to rain cats and dogs so we gathered our stuff and ranned to our car we had rented. On our way over the beach me and my mom saw a guy sitting in the sand in the pouring rain so we walked up to him and saw him sitting there protecting one small baby seaturtle with his hands. That’s something I’ll never forget.


Mahe is the biggest island in the Seychelles and is where the capital city Victoria is located and is the only island with a airport so here’s where you land if you’re going anywhere in The Seychelles. We stayed at Mahe for some nights in a house we rented from a really nice older couple. They had turtles in their backyard (there is a lot of land turtles and sea turtles at the islands). They also gave us so much amazing fruit that we’d never tried before. For example they gave us grilled breadfruit to eat together with shark chutney. The chutney was real spicy but the breadfruit was so good, unfortinatly haven’t eaten it since then because it’s not that easy to find in Sweden..

The capital city Victoria has quite a lot to offer when it comes to resturants and shopping, so if you’re staying a few days in Mahe I would recommend checking out the city and also some of the island’s beautiful botanical gardens.

Something that is special for Mahe is that they have a animal called a Flying Fox. Sounds a bit weird, right? A fox that’s flying? Not quite, more like the world’s largest bat that has the colors of a fox. You can only find them in a few places around the world and The Seychelles is one of those places. They’re so insanely cool animals, you could basically hear the fluttering from their enormous wings when they fly near or over you. Please google “flying fox baby” and you’ll discover the cutest thing EVER. They’re not as cute when grown up though.

I hoped you all liked this post and thank you so much for reading! Let me know in the comments down below: Have you been to the Seychelles? Or would you like to? Which island group do you find most attractive in the world? And what is the most important factor for you to want to visit a country?

Happy Travels!


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17 thoughts on “Three Seychelles Islands: The Ultimate Relax Holiday

  1. Absolutely loved reading this post! I’ve always wanted to visit the Seychelles and now I want to even more! These islands are stunning and the Praslin rocks are such an incredible sight to see! Your photography is beautiful x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you!! You really should, I can ensure you that you won’t be disappointed!! Yes Praslin’s beach rocks are so stunning, I miss the view of them! Thank you, I really like playing with photography and capturing beautiful places <33

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha same for me when I was writing this, I just wanted to go back in time and cruise around on a bike around La Digue <333 hahaha. Thank you so much for reading!


  2. WOWWW!!! I’m super jealous! Right now I am trying to plan a trip..and I don’t know where to go. I just finally figured my passport out after some trouble with it so I am so excited to travel again. This seems like a great spot. Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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