Summer Days In The Archipelago

Hey people, at the moment when I’m writing this (probably not when I’m posting) – I just came home from a very relaxing and sunny weekend out in the Swedish archipelago. So basically every summer since I was born I’ve spent 3 days at a little cottage far out in the archipelago. It’s so nice. Like there’s no WiFi and barely no signal so you can’t do anything but basically read a book, swim, tan and watch the sunsets. And honestly, I got very tan this weekend. And I love being tanned, but who doesn’t?!

If you didn’t know, the Swedish archipelago is so huge, it consists of thousands of islands and it’s SO beautiful! The archipelago is located on the east coast in the Baltic Sea, which is the sea that is between us (Sweden) and on the other side – Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

As I said earlier, one of the nice things about being out in the archipelago is that there’s no WiFi and and there’s really no service at all so you have to do things without your phone for once which is so good in my opinion. Like a phone detox weekend at a really beautiful place! Everyone should do that once in a while. Like just go offline and enjoy life without having to show it all to everyone while doing so. I posted a blogpost about me being in the archipelago last year and I wrote basically the same thing as I’m doing now, but I feel like we have to remind ourselves to look up from our phones a bit and enjoy life together with the people around you instead of always with your phone or through a lens. But you know, it all has to do with balance, if you have a balance of things, I think that’s is the best way.

This little cottage is originally a little fishing cottage that now works as a small house to at least sleep in! There’s no electricity at all so the oven, stove and fridge runs on gas. And if you want light you’ll have to lit candles or use flashlights. How cozy!? I love this place so much.

We brought with us our SUP out to the island, a stand up paddle board that we used to paddle around the island or to look around close by. It was a bit windy when I was out on the SUP, which was good because then it nearly was like a workout for my arms.

Every afternoon/night when the sun is starting to go down we always go up to the small hill and watch the sunset. And the sunset is always so beautiful out here. The sun reflects on the water and creates something that we always call the “golden bridge”. My mom used to tell me stories about the golden bridge when I was little and how a frog jumped on it to come over to our island. Here’s some gorgeous photos that I took this weekend, hope you enjoy!

Have you had a good summer? Tell me one of your favorite memories from this years summer or any year before! Hope you’re all doing good,

Happy Travels


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13 thoughts on “Summer Days In The Archipelago

  1. What a beautiful place!! Your pictures captured its essence entirely 😍 I agree, I think it’s healthy to have not just a digital detox but a phone detox. We should take time and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us in the moment. Our eyes are the best lens, no camera or phone could match them. I’m glad you had a soothing and relaxing summer!

    Natonya |

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    1. Aw thank you so much Natonya!! It really is such a gorgeous place. I’m so glad you agree and I love that, our eyes are definitely the best lens we have and we have to get better at living in the moment. There’s so much we miss out on while being on our phones! Hope you had a great summer as well! 💕💕

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