EF Malta: hostfamily, school and graduation

Hey everyone! As you’ve may have noticed (from my latest blogpost) I’m home, after two long weeks I’m home from Malta and can finally share everything with you. Before going I had planned to post at least 2-3 blogposts while being there but in matter of fact I had no time to write anything at all. Every day was so busy and we nearly had any free time from all the activities. Which was good though, because the activities was really fun. So I’m thinking that this post will be more about how my trip was besides the activities, more about the general trip like the EF school, my host family etc. And then I’ll post one more.

Let’s jump right into it!

Me and my friend arrived in Malta 21th of June with EF. We took busses from the airport to a place where we would meet our host families. My host family was a family of five, three kids where of two boys and one small girl. The parents really where the nicest and their kids Matthew, Faith and Jordan were so cute! We slept in the boys room and had our own balcony. There was two more students living in our host family, one girl from Florence, Italy and one from Paris, France. The Italian girl was very nice but the girl from France didn’t talk that good English so it was hard to communicate with her. Our school started every morning at 9 am and we got home at around 5 pm to eat dinner and then to at 7 again go back for the evening activities that lasted to around 10 pm. It was a bit hectic but it worked fine. For breakfast we got milk and cereals and for lunch we got a plastic bag with a sandwich, a small bag of chips and a water but I often ended up buying my own lunch in the cafeteria at school as they had so much good stuff! And for dinner every day we got different kinds of pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. And I wouldn’t say I bothered eating that everyday haha, loooove pasta!

This was the neighborhood our host family lived in. A really long street with lots of houses. And as you may notice in the pictures, every house is beige/ sand colored! I don’t think I saw a house with another color on the whole trip? Which is kinda weird. Why do everyone want their houses in the same color? Anyway, back to the topic. It was a long street and if you walked all the way up you would end up at a small plaza with a big cathedral, a shopping center and lots of small cafes. I walked up there one time to go shopping. I bought my self some clothes at pull and bear and some birthday presents to my brother at a toy store. I actually bought some ice cream too, and thought I could sit on the stairs outside the cathedral to eat it. But of course would a tornado wind appear so all the chocolate ice cream ran down the stairs… and my bags flew away so I had to ran after them. I must have looked like an complete idiot hahahaha.

The closest bus stop was only 5 minutes away and it was an 40 minute bus ride from Paola (the city we lived in) to our school. EF rent a big university just near the harbor between Sliema and Valletta, where we all EF students are able to go in school. Everyone had done a “language test” some weeks before departure so EF could see how good we are at english and what class we should be in. But even though everyone had done this test, I still thought my class was very mixed up with both people with a great English and people who barely spoke, but maybe they were just shy, I don’t know. School started at nine and ended at 12 for us to eat lunch. And then at around 1 pm we were on our way out to an activity. I liked going in school. My teacher named Lizzy, was very very good and she was one of those teachers you know, who make the boring parts fun and really make the time fly away.

I know I’m jumping over everything to the very end, graduation day. But since I decided that this post would be about school, it kinda should be here hah. Graduation day must have been one of the best days we had. It was cool to feel that I’ve actually achieved it, learned so many new things and found so many new amazing friends on only two weeks time! We got called up on stage, got our diploma, shaked some hands and later danced the EF dance.

Have you ever been on a language course? Or have you also been in Malta? If so, tell me what you think!


14 thoughts on “EF Malta: hostfamily, school and graduation

    1. Thank you! Can I ask how you found this blogpost? I mean since it’s kinda old haha 🙂 but so fun you’re going to Sydney!!! Are you going alone? Hmm.. I think my best advice would be to don’t be shy to speak in class or at ur activities. People automatically think your interesting and want to be friends if you speak a lot to different people and genuinely seem nice. But something I noticed that can be kinda hard is bonding with everyone in your group. People that travel together with a friend can get very attached to each other and don’t try to bond with new people. I tried to at least speak with everyone in my group! But you’ll of course bond with some people more than others and when you do try to stick with them, in that way you’ll get to now them better and create memories through the whole trip! When’s your trip? xx


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